Guest posting: How to build relationships and authority with guest post

Guest posting

Guest posting is one of the many ways there are to get relevant to the internet both facing Google and ahead of your potential audience personally think it works very well and is why today I’ll tell you how you can get the most party to guest post.

Many guides are talking about this form of collaboration on the internet but the truth is that I decided to do the post because I think most of them approach it from the wrong point of view and especially. After all, there are several little lies around guest blogging.

Before we start, I will tell you that this post is not useful only if you have a blog, even if you only work on niche or e-commerce pages, I am sure that you are going to take advantage of it.

What are guest posts?

A very simple question to answer because I imagine that you have already solved it yourself, it is about nothing more and nothing less than writing in a blog outside of you.

Given this simple answer, you may be thinking two things:

  1. Why would I write a guest post on another blog
  2. Why would I let someone write on my blog

Luckily several answers serve to answer these two questions about guest blogging:

  • Gain authority in your niche or other related niches
  • Share relevant and different content with your audience
  • Create new relationships with blogger
  • Free up time to write a post to dedicate it to other purposes

You know, a thousand advantages that it is up to you to find. Do you dare to know the dangers and benefits of the guest post?

Dangers and benefits of guest posting

In this life, there are very few safe bets and guest posting is not one of them either, Google supposedly penalized the use of the guest post because as we have seen previously there is very little difference between sponsored posts and these guest articles.

Taking into account that Google “only wants” natural links that make you great content, this is not very to the taste, right?

Since then they have established certain criteria that must be followed when publishing a guest post both from the point of view of the blog owner and the guest, we will deal with it in the next point.

What can you lose?

Well, both you and the blog owner could get a penalty if you do not follow the criteria …

From 1 to 10 how possible is it? Mm … surely less than 2 lol but I had to put some tension to spice up the article, right? 

You really shouldn’t worry about guest posting, however, I always recommend that you don’t base your strategy on one type of link; try to have a varied link profile and you will have no problem.

What can you win?

Well, here I am going to be more extensive because I consider that there are many advantages that you can replicate in your link-building strategy to go a step beyond buying backlinks for SEO.

Let’s see what the benefits are first from an exclusively SEO point of view:

  • It is clear that links from websites with the same theme are much more relevant to Google, there is no doubt that if you get bloggers in your niche to link you, you will go up like foam.
  • You can take one or two do-follow links with a fairly natural profile because it will be a well-worked post, it will have photos, internal links to the owner’s blog …
  • If the blog in which you publish has interaction, you will receive visits and I think there is no doubt that one of the success factors for a link is the traffic it refers to.
  • Sum of positioning: imagine that you have a post that talks about guest posting, it would be great if I linked you in this post that will surely end up in a good position for your keyword. You can do the same in a guest post.
  • If you are going to talk about one of your projects, surely the blogger will not object to you adding a brand link to your e-commerce or whatever.

And good? How about? Now that we have mentioned the positive points of making a guest post from the SEO point of view, I think it is time to talk about the rest of the advantages not so related to web positioning:

  • Networking is the basis of any business and in the world of blogging it is no different, it is always good to have a relationship with other colleagues to ask for advice, help …
  • Do you have any info product? If you are writing a guest post on a topic related to your product, I am sure that the blogger will at least give you the option to promote it if it is worth it.
  • Visits and visits, if the blog is powerful, will bring you a good stream of visits that will consequently bring subscribers, followers, and others.
  • New opportunities: as I said, collaborating is the key and the more people see you, the easier you will get business ideas in which to collaborate, more guest posts.

I’m sure it gave me some more advantage, although you might think I’m exaggerating, you may have made a guest post and haven’t noticed any of this

How to choose the perfect victim

As you know, in this link building, not everything is worth it, you have to look for types of quality blogs that can make you gain authority and lead visits because if you are going to stick the job of writing a good post, at least it is worth it, right?

Although thinking about it, I’m sure that more than one who reads this will already be thinking about how they can get a thousand guest posts for this month, between writing a typical email and setting up a list of blogs with good metrics, you will be able to collaborate in 10- 15 blogs at least.

SEO metrics to watch out for

Here I am going to tell you what I usually focus on, although this does not have to be strictly followed, you can simply use it as an example and not as a roadmap.


Until a while ago I always used Moz’s DA / PA but for a few months, this metric has stopped being relevant, before you could use it to stipulate if a domain was powerful or not but it may have fallen in favor of Majestic.

Although I still don’t trust Majestic 100%, I think it’s pretty cool to see both to verify the authority and to see the domains that link to a domain, I have to say that despite Ahrefs being the boss in this regard, there are some that it doesn’t detect and Majestic yes.

Referral links

This is also important but the truth is that the best tool to analyze the backlinks is Ahrefs but the truth is that it is quite expensive so in case you do not have it I would not give it too many laps.

Reader loyalty

This aspect is perhaps one of the most important, if the owner in which you make a guest post is the typical one to whom they leave comments, they read their post to the end, it has thousands of followers… it’s good!

Why? Your article will have a lot of impacts and if you can take advantage of the pull that a reference can give you, you will be able to get hold of part of the authority it has and transfer it to your blog.

In addition, by trusting your guest blogger you will send visits to your blog through the links you place, and as we have said before this is great.


To tell you the truth, I have done quite a few guest posts as an experiment, for a blog with just one year I have gotten many subscribers through guest blogging and I have been able to see what types of blogs have worked best for me.

Without a doubt, making a post on a blog not directly related can be a good idea because you may be able to retain a subscriber who is not directly focused on your niche but where I have noticed the most has been in blogs that would be direct competition.

At the end of the day, everything has its logic, Google understands that it is your theme and since all its subscribers are interested in your niche, the page metrics are good.

The best way to write your guest post

So that your article is not just one more in a famous blog, you have to meet several points, it is a strategy that begins from the moment you write the email to the blogger until you respond to the last comment from the readers of the post, here I tell you:

Presentation email

I don’t know who you are, maybe in your niche you are more famous than Cristiano Ronaldo but since we are humble people, the first thing of all is to introduce ourselves. What less?

In the first contact I usually leave a small introduction; who am I, what do I do, and of course what is my blog.

In the next point, I try to talk about the reasons why I contact you (I like your blog, it has caught my attention for an article) I recommend that you do not lie and if you do that you first document yourself so as not to look bad hehe

Finally, I propose a couple of themes so that without any commitment they can choose one in case the collaboration suits them, and little else.

Why? The blogger you contact likely has more than 20 emails a day and if so I am sure they will appreciate that you do not take more than 5 minutes and make things easy for them.

Writing of the article

In the previous post, I talked about how to make an article optimized for positioning, and in this case, I think it would be ideal for you to follow it when writing your guest post. Wouldn’t it be great to take advantage of the blog’s authority to place your article in the top positions?

This has two good points:

  1. It is great for you because you will not stop receiving visits, generally, the hype of the guest post lasts a couple of days or at most a week
  2. The blogger will be happy to receive more visits and will of course be more open to future collaborations

I recommend that you give it your all, a good guest post sweeps and a bad one may not be published so in my opinion it deserves to give it a go from the beginning.

By the way, there have been several guest posts in which I have not presented myself enough and they have had much less impact on my metrics, so I recommend that you try to make it clear who you are.

PRO TIP: On some occasions, I have created an ebook or some free extra to give to all readers who subscribe through my guest post; I assure you it works!

Continuous contact with the blogger

As we have spoken before, each one has a life, it is clear that you are writing an ideal post for them and that they are going to love it but I recommend you limit the contact to what is strictly necessary.

Do you have to tell him that you will send him the post tomorrow? Do you have to ask him what direction to take with the post? I believe that generally not, do it with everything and surely the blogger will be satisfied to have you as a collaborator.

Make the job easy for him in a way that he remembers you for your effectiveness and not for your endless threads of emails.


Once it is published, respond to all the comments as soon as possible and in the most complete way that you can, those readers who ask in the comment are usually the first subscribers so it is convenient to leave them happy.

As a last tip, what I usually do after a week is to send a thank you email to the blogger wishing it has worked well and of course opening the door to future collaborations.


To finish the article I would like to repeat that guest blogging is excellent but I will tell you that it works because the world of blogging is a collaborative community and at least for the moment it seems that it is the only branch of the internet that has understood that collaborating is the way to May we all win so please, let’s try to make it last.

Do not send emails asking for a guest post to a blog that you do not know about just because it has good authority, do not create an email list to offer yourself as if it were so simple, do not send a post that you would not even publish on your site to another blogger. first of all, You have to value the time of others and offer a win-win because that way there is no way you can go wrong.