The Best Ways to Avoid Generic Email Marketing Mistakes with CRM Software


Email marketing is an influential tool for all marketers to increase their brand visibility and conversion rate. There are many mistakes that email marketers do while designing and executing their campaigns that impact their performance. All marketers need to avoid these mistakes to make most of their campaigns. The best CRM software will have email marketing tools integrated into the system to automate the entire process.

As a result of automation, there will be fewer mistakes in your email marketing strategies. In this blog, we will look at generic email marketing mistakes.

What are the Generic Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid them with CRM?

Does not Focus on Customer Segmentation:

All marketers must do the customer segmentation according to their demographics to get a better understanding. Furthermore, they even need to consider customer segmentation while designing and executing email marketing campaigns. Most of the marketers forget too that and follow a one size fits all policy. But one size fits all will be allow you to send the same email to all your email lists.

How to Avoid it:

The CRM software in India will allow you to do segment your customers with ease. Moreover, the best email marketing tools will help to create a separate campaign for each market segment and execute it with ease.

Does not Personalize the Content:

The marketing teams need to personalize the content as per the customer preferences, likes, and buying behaviors. Most marketers design one email template and share it in a single click with all the recipients. It is a very generic mistake that most marketers do and that is why their campaigns have poor results. The market today is evolved and the customers have multiple options available from different brands. Marketers need to keep that in mind and design marketing strategies that stand out from the competitors.

How to Avoid:

The top CRM software will have AI integrated to evaluate the purchasing patterns of the customer. Moreover, social CRM tools will track the digital and social media footprints of the customer. As a result, it will give you an overview of the preferences and likes of the customer that will help to personalize the content for your customers.

Does not have an Unsubscribe Button:

The main purpose of email marketing is to make customers aware of your products or services and not to spam their inboxes. Most marketers do not put an unsubscribe process in the mail that will impact the brand image. Because the customer will get irate if his inbox gets filled with your mails and there is no space for the other important mails.

How to Avoid:

Email marketers must integrate a subscription button in the email draft. Moreover, you can even put a link or process to unsubscribe from your mailing list. because when you put an unsubscription link into the mail it will help to filter out the clients that are interested in a product or service like yours.

Does not allow the Customer to Reply:

Email marketing is one of the most effective and cost-friendly ways to interact with customers. But if you do not allow the customer to reply there will be no interaction. And if there is no interaction, how will you understand what does the customer want or what do they think.

How to Avoid:

The email marketers should allow the customers to reply to their emails and keep a team to reply to these emails. The best CRM software will have AI-based chatbots integrated that will automatically reply to the customer queries.

Does not Follow the Compliance Rules:

There are many compliance rules which the email marketer has to follow to avoid legal charges. For instance, email marketers with a recipient list n Europe have to comply with the general data protection act (GDPR). Many email marketers tend to forget to comply with the rules and then have many challenges to face.

How to Avoid:

The marketing team needs to have to keep a track of all the compliance policies and their updates to ensure you comply with them. The best CRM software in India will help to track the compliance policies and help you to abide by them.

Does not Consider Mobile Devices:

The majority of the population globally uses their mobile devices to access their emails through their phones. And many marketers do not optimize their campaigns to adapt to the mobile screen. Hence, the user experience gets hampered because they do not get the actual content and feel of the email.

How to Avoid:

The marketers need to create a checklist that they need to crosscheck before they make the campaign live. The top CRM software in India will help to create a checklist for all the email marketers to follow while they design and execute a campaign.


The best CRM software with advanced email marketing tools will help to minimize the mistakes in the campaigns. Technology Counter will help you to select the top CRM software in India with the email marketing tools that you require for your business.