18 Expert-Designed Moving Guidelines for a Memorable Move!


Are you relocating from your present place of residence to a new city for your job? Are you nervous and confused at the same time? How about some expert assistance from the professionals of Agarwal Packers? With their brilliant packing support and 24×7 guidance throughout the journey, you can effortlessly plan and execute your move. While we all are aware of the primary relocating ideas but the expert guidance at this point remains invaluable.

So, we thought why not curate a comprehensive blog post of 18 relocating hack that you can easily accept and embrace early on in your move planning. So, take out your checklists and notepads to design your new moving plan with these pro-house-moving ideas.

Have you explored the new place you are settling to? If not, then you should do it because moving to a foreign land could be troublesome and if you know what is there around you, it would be good!

  • Be a Cautious Customer

If you are aware of the importance of choosing the right deal, you will make the correct choice. So, collect quotations and compare them. Use cost calculators to see how much you could be paying for your move.

  • Opt for Additional Services

When you finalize a moving deal, do ask for value services including furniture handling, specialty items moving, fine art moving, storage needs, etc. If you book full-service movers like Agarwal Packers and Movers, you can always opt for these features.

  • Find out Opportunities

Relocating to a new city, to a new town must be backed with a purpose. You could be moving for your job or your new business, for settling in the new city or for a temporary employment offer – whatever your need be, make sure you know the reason for your move.

  • Discuss with People

If you have friends or colleagues who have recently made a move or are considering one, you can discuss with them and then zero upon a moving plan. You can talk about the market rates and what one must look out for in the moving deal.

  • Pare Down Belongings

Packing and moving every single item is not worthwhile. You should segregate your belongings first before packing them. Watch out for your load and see if you are moving excessive items. Items that are old or damaged could be discarded.

  • Put a Halt on Purchases

This is something you should pay attention to. If you are planning to move in a few days or weeks, there is no point in accumulating fresh items except the groceries and basic food items as you will only waste your money.

  • Inform Removals Team

The items that you just sorted and kept as trash should be eliminated from your house before you leave the place. This might include old food, broken furniture, and other household stuff that you are not going to take along.

  • Pack Stuff Room Wise

If you are willing to prepare your stuff on your own or are simply segregating your belongings ahead of the move, then try to follow the room-to-room packing process. Tackle one room or space at a time and then move to the next.

  • Invest in Moving Boxes

Whether the moving professionals from Agarwal Movers and Packers bring the packing materials or you purchase them from your nearby store, you must invest in quality moving cartons and boxes because they are highly required when you have a lot of stuff to pack and move.

  • Relax and have Breaks

In the packing and pre-moving preparations, we often forget to take breaks and chill. But we should take time off from the daily hectic packing tasks because we would be all exhausted by the time we are close to our moving day. So, it is important to take ample rest before the move.

  • Watch out for Weather

If you are moving in the summers, you should be equipped with the right summertime clothes – comfy outfits, scarves, hats, etc. and if you are moving in the winters, you should be aware of the climatic upheaval outside because it calls for early morning journeys and needful protecting clothes.

  • Inform Your Landlord

Notifying the landlord – both your new homeowner and your current landlord about your moving date is crucial. This is to ensure everything happens seamlessly and the concerned people are informed of your decisions.

  • Volunteer the Packing

When the moving professionals are working on your household items packing, make sure you inspect everything closely – see if the specialty items are given extra care and the furniture is dismantled ahead of the move. Help them out wherever you can.

  • Consult Your Doctor

If you or anyone in your family is dealing with a serious health issue and are on medication, you should be prepared amply with the required medicines and other required stuff so that you or the other member does not fall ill during the transit.

  • Label Every Carton

Labeling cartons with the correct name slips are important. Often ignored or skipped from the packing process, labeling can simplify your post-move unboxing and re-arrangement task and save a lot of your time and patience.

  • Send Emails and Texts

Have you informed your colleagues, friends, and relatives about your relocating decision? If not, then you should send them your new contact information and address via mail and ask them to stay in touch. You can even send printed cards for the purpose that to works well!

  • Embrace a New Culture

Once you have moved into your new home in the new city, you should start exploring everything new that the place has to offer you. Meet the people around, build your circle, establish networks, find and connect with new friends and start a new life again, with a happy heart!


Do take into consideration all these tips if you are planning for relocation and want to make it in the best possible manner. These are professionally curated guidelines that if followed by heart, could transform your move into a happy and stress-free experience.