8 Principal Moving Ideas to Prepare for A Seamless Household Relocation!

Household Relocation

One of the main reasons why a household relocation does not turn out the way it is planned is because there always remains a loophole, somewhere in the moving plan. Or, at times, there crops some shortfall, some emergency or simply the management of things is not done the right way and this ends up making our move, especially the final moving day a big mess. Preparing for a move is not always about packing and move, rather it is about working on the crucial aspects of the move that can both make or break a well-thought moving decision. So, in case, you are someone thinking of making a move, from Kolkata to Mumbai and are looking out for some of the best household relocation ideas to make the final day of move an easy-breezy affair, then make sure you hire the professional packers and movers in Kolkata on time and secondly, consider the right moving ideas, as discussed below to make the move a memorable journey and not an overwhelming affair!

• Focus on the major pre-moving tasks

Once your final moving date is scheduled, you should pay attention to the immediate tasks that you need to address at the earliest. For instance, notifying the service providers of essential connections like power, water, cable, and internet. On the other hand, you should plan out your routine for the final day – the meal you will prepare or you are getting food delivered because cooking shall not be possible. Talk to your neighbors, inform the removal company to collect your trash on time, and keep your calm throughout the process.

• Keep everything prepared beforehand

We are not talking about the major moving tasks of course, but the last-minute quick tasks – all the final tasks like securing the boxes, labeling the boxes, preparing your document kit, etc. all of this should be accomplished before the final moving day. Do not keep doing things till the last minute, even when the movers have arrived at your home. Your packages should be ready for loading, keys should be kept close, doors and windows should be locked before the movers come over.

• Work out your storage needs on time

We would advise you to settle your storage concerns ahead of time, or at least before the final day. Goods to be sent for storage need specialized packing and you need time for that. Also, the entire process should be conducted early on so that you conveniently prepare the rest of your belongings for the move. It is better if the professionals handle the storage packing task because they know the right way to do it and can work it out pretty quickly. So, let them do that and you focus on your packing.

• Avoid muddling things, let movers deal

This is especially for the time when the movers are arranging all the moving cartons within the moving truck on the final day. Without interfering much with their task, what you can do is, you can simply keep an eye on the sequence of things that are being moved into the vehicle. Or you can guide them with which ones you need first upon shipment, so they keep them closer to the door and it becomes easily accessible to get them off the moving truck.

• Carry your checklist to watch for things

This checklist would be something that would be there with you right from Day 1 of your move till the final day when the packages are being organized into the moving vehicle. Before the move, you have to keep a check on this list to see if there is any new addition to the list or deletion in any item of the inventory. This list is also useful to see if every single item has been loaded into the truck and unloaded during shipment. This way, you can easily figure out if something goes missing from your moving load.

• Label the boxes, inspect the loading process

While you inspect the truck loading process, keep an eye on the moving cartons and see if each one has a name label stuck to it. Make sure the cartons are arranged into the truck systematically – like items, items from one single room should be kept together. The heavier packages should be loaded first and the lightweight ones should be loaded above them. Over-sized, heavier items should be moved to the extreme backside of the truck, that is, towards the truck wall.

• See if the essentials moving kit is ready

While the moving professionals – the movers and packers in Kolkata work on arranging the moving truck, you can look over other last-minute things and especially your necessities bag that you have prepared for the move. See if there is anything to be incorporated into it – from the keys to the agreement papers, your wallet, mobile phone, cables, chargers, eatables, food supplies – plastic plates, cups, glasses, spoons, tissues, towels, etc.

• Book the house cleaning experts early on

Nobody loves moving to a place that’s not spring clean. Although you would be moving to your new home, the dirt and dust would not add up to your moving experience. So, make sure you appoint the house cleaning personnel beforehand and ask them to reach your new address at a specified time after you have moved in. Let them arrive a few hours later post your moving in so in the meanwhile, you can figure out a few essential things in your new place and make your space functional!


Preparing for a move is more than just what you think it is. Most of the time, even the well-planned household relocation projects do not turn out to be successful. Reasons for that could be many. While some blame their procrastination for the situation, some realize the decision was itself at fault, while some people pinpoint the professionals for not being able to pull off the moving task. So, we curated this blog post to focus on the essential tips that you should be aware of before you think of conducting a household relocation.