Best Online Streaming Apps for Gamers

streaming apps

If we glance at the gaming industry’s future, multiple things are yet to set in while some are already emerging. These things may not be as significant today, but they can cover a large industry segment in the future years. There are the best online streaming apps for gamers

Amongst them is online streaming. 

Online streaming refers to the day-to-day binge-watching we do on YouTube and another similar platform. Though some platforms offer videos from all genres, others provide videos related to specific genres.

For example, some apps provide videos only related to gaming. You can find videos related to all types of games, be it racing, stimulation, or war zones. Also, you can communicate with gamers from all over the world via chatbox. What’s more? They have an esports tournament whereby you can either take part or become an online spectator. 

Using these apps will not only help you elevate your mood and gain more skills, but you can also bond with gamers and build up social relationships.

Therefore, if you are a gamer and eager to explore these websites, here is a list of four amazing online streaming apps for gaming. 


Twitch app on ps3, Xbox, and other devices is an online streaming service based in America and owned by Amazon. To stream on twitch, all you have to do is activate the twitch app and connect twitch with software for further proceedings. 

streaming apps

There are multiple features that twitch has to offer. Firstly, the content creators can upload their videos alongside a commentary to keep the viewers entertained. Besides this, you can exchange thoughts and opinions via the chat box that appears on the feed while streaming to twitch. Moreover, having social relationships as the top priority, developers at twitch provide a community meetup and then bring gamers from around the globe together. 

Ever heard of esports? Well, we mentioned it earlier. Twitch is famous for conducting online tournaments. This provides talented gamers to showcase their abilities for the viewers to get entertained. Are you an elite gamer? This is a good chance for you to win big in the comfort of your home. 

Due to such exceptional features, we recommend you to give the twitch app ps3 a chance. 

Steam link 

Steam Link is a free streaming service that is undoubtedly one of the most reliable apps present out there. This app is compatible with most devices, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. Whether you have a laptop, a mobile, or a tablet, you can easily download it and operate it with convenience. 

To get it started, you will first need a desktop or an Android device. The two devices will be used simultaneously. You will have to download the steam link in one of them and get the other’s approval code. Once done, use login details to sign in, and there you go! 


If you are looking for in-home streaming, remotr is another good option to explore. 

To make it work, you will have to install two apps, one for the host and the receiver. After you are done with the installation, the app will gain access to your PC’s library and processing power to offer effective streaming on whatever device you are using. 

streaming apps

Remotr has multiple exceptional features to offer. This includes network support that allows you to play games with your friends. Do you want to throw a party game? Go on. 


BigoLive is a Singapore-based streaming service that specializes in bringing users together. This app is available for almost all devices, including Max, google play, and android. 

streaming apps

Bigolive is one of the best apps for live streaming, and it allows you to broadcast videos related to your preferred genre of games. On this app, you can communicate with other viewers live while streaming your favorite videos. Do you want to find gamers from within your locality to socialize with? BigoLive allows you to find users from nearby areas. 

Our verdict 

Streaming apps have a lot to offer. They provide unique features and are easy to install. Henceforth, If you are a gamer, we highly recommend you to try them out.