Are Folding Electric Bikes Worth Buying?

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Folding electric bikes have gained great hype in recent times and are wanted by many. However, there is significant doubt about whether or not these bikes are worth buying. Here, you will learn more about these bikes and can judge for yourself if they are actually worth the fame.

According to many people, foldable electric bikes are worth buying because of the several advantages. However, electric bikes already had significant benefits to them and the foldable feature added is more like a bonus since it makes them so much easier to carry.

Benefits Of These Bikes That Make Them So Popular

  • Easy to carry and travel with

When you need to travel by bike to different places, foldable electric bikes are the most efficient to carry. There is no other vehicle that can be carried along so smoothly. Be it walking or carrying it inside a mode of public transport; they are easily movable. On the other hand, taking your normal bike with you is a task because of the size and structure.

Folding Electric Bikes
Folding Electric Bikes
  • Better security.

There have been many cases where a bike has gotten stolen or vandalized when parked at a public place. All of these issues do not concern a foldable bike. These can fold into a minimal and handy structure that can be placed conveniently anywhere next to you. You can also take it inside your office and keep it under your desk and still won’t be able to even notice it there.

  • Quality of the bike.

There has always been a misconception about the quality of these foldable electric bikes. However, these bikes work exceptionally well and have no defects in their quality. They work just as smoothly and perfectly as any regular bike, and there are no complaints regarding their quality and efficiency. Although, it is highly advisable that you must choose the best-rated bike and the one that comes with a warranty.

  • Compact and small-space friendly

These foldable electric bikes can become highly compact and easily placed in small areas. The good thing about these bikes is that there are no concerns regarding their parking. Be it in your building or any public street, finding a spot to park your vehicle is a task that is easily avoided in these bikes.

With the advantages mentioned above of these bikes, many people prefer them over other vehicles.

However, there are just drawbacks of foldable bikes that arise some concern in a lot of customers. The 2 main drawbacks that make people doubt the worth of these foldable electric bikes are:

  • Its weight

When you first look at these bikes and see how compact it becomes when folded, you do not expect them to be as heavy as they are. For how small their size can be, they weigh extremely high. These bikes are made of aluminum. This metal is the reason for the bike’s great weight.

  • Its cost

These bikes cost more than ordinary bikes only due to their foldable feature. This feature is not a big requirement for many people, so they prefer buying normal bikes that cost less. Depending on the material used to make a bike and its extra features, the cost is varied.

  • Its ride can be stiff

Foldable electric bikes use small tires, which is why the ride is bumpy and rough. It isn’t as smooth as normal bikes because its tire cannot handle big bumps and uneven roads.


After closely assessing the pros and cons of foldable electric bikes, you can make the right decision. Despite the 3 drawbacks, many people have used and preferred these bikes as their benefits overshadow their flaws.