6 Ways To Increase Your Amazon Conversion Rate


Conversion is an important goal for every eCommerce Amazon business. While having a large number of visitors is ideal, what good are millions of visitors if they don’t interact with your site or take action? It’s time to assess and improve if you’re not converting shoppers into buyers.

Amazon SEO can help you increase your Amazon rank and product visibility. Many factors are combined to get more customers to your products. Let’s find out what they are.

Imagine that you are going to a market. You will see many shops. You will see many shops. Which one should you visit? You’ll most likely explore the shops for a while before moving on to better-quality shops. You might visit the closest shops to you. These shops may be the easiest to find without having to search for more.


The same applies to online shopping. Amazon allows people to search for specific products and then look through a variety of options. Amazon offers a lot of choices, so people tend to search for the top results first and then go for them. It’s crucial for sellers to grab their attention quickly. This is known as product visibility. Your chances of converting customers are higher if your products are more visible to customers searching for them.

Amazon FBA allows for Faster Shipping

People will shop at Amazon because they offer fast, free shipping (or even cheap).

If a customer clicks away after finding out that the seller does not offer Prime shipping, they may opt to go elsewhere.

Similar to the above, if customers click on a competitor’s listing but they don’t offer Prime Shipping, but then they visit your listing and you offer Prime Shipping, this could be the deciding factor to make them choose your product over their competitor.

Customers will feel secure knowing they are dealing with Amazon and not you. For most buyers, this is the tipping point for purchases.

If you haven’t already signed up for FBA consider it. The huge sales increase is almost always worth the extra fees.



Images of High-quality Products

As the old saying goes, you can’t judge books by their covers.

Amazon is the best place to find out if this is true. 67% of customers of Amazon report that photos play a major role in deciding whether or not to purchase a product.

These guidelines will help you get the best product images.

  1. To allow your customers to zoom in on your product, ensure that your images are at a minimum of 1000 x 500
  2. Showcase all sides of your product so your customers are fully informed about it before they buy.
  3. Demonstrate your product in action. Show your customers how the product can solve their problems and how it fits into their lives.

To Settle on the Best Changes, Use A/B Testing

A/B testing is when you compare two items that are identical, but with one difference. You might test which image or bullet point features to be used as the main image. Once you have your results, you can keep them and continue to work on a smaller list of variables until your product page is as perfect as you can.

Stock Availability

Amazon only shows products that are in insufficient stock. If your inventory is low, it will be difficult for people to find you. This could be a big loss, as you might miss sales opportunities if you don’t replenish your inventory. Don’t let your inventory go without replenishing it. You should make it a habit to monitor your inventory via your Seller Central account, and replenish products before they run out.

Amazon A+ Content

First-party sellers: Do you create Amazon A+ Content for them? You should, if not.

Amazon A+ Content was once a paid option. Now, all sellers can add Amazon A+ Content to their listings for free. It is a great way to increase traffic, sales, and cross-promote other products. Amazon claims that this feature can boost sales by anywhere from 3% up to 10%.

This is the one chance you shouldn’t miss.

These are the essential things you need to know in order to navigate the waters of A+ content with ease.

What’s A+ Content?

Amazon’s A+ Content service allows you to enhance product descriptions and page details by adding high-definition videos, enhanced images, and comparison charts. It also provides robust FAQs and other useful information. These details will help you showcase your brand and communicate the value of your products so customers can make informed purchasing decisions.

This additional content will be available to your customers below the fold on the product detail page under the section titled from the Manufacturer.

It is a great way to show your brand and communicate the value of your products.

Amazon A+ Content: The benefits

Higher Conversion Rates

Lower Return Rate

Better Reviews

PPC campaigns have a lower cost of service and a higher ROI

Ask any Central Seller, VendorCentral Seller and you’ll hear that it gets harder every day to make a sale on Amazon.

Your product listings can make or break your sales, whether you’re selling Amazon, Amazon, Merchant Fulfilled, or Seller Fulfilled Premium. Amazon A+ content is a key piece to increasing Amazon sales.

Pricing strategy

Your conversions and sales are strongly affected by the price of your product. Customers may seek out lower prices or better deals if your price is lower than your competitors. A lower price will increase your chance of winning the Buy Box which can significantly increase your sales.

It is vital to be present for customers. Customers who are loyal customers will start to notice you and start looking for your products. This is especially important for new sellers looking to establish themselves in the marketplace. Sign up to become an Amazon seller today, and get started with these product visibility tips.