Paramedic Electric Bikes: The New Way of Saving Lives


Bicycles or bikes have been the most efficient modes of transportation since its discovery. Now it is more desirable due to the depleting scenario of fossilized fuels and the rise of pollution all over the world.

With the advancement of technology, bicycles have been modified into electric bikes or more commonly known as “E-bikes.” Conventional bikes are fitted with a battery-operated motor that enhances pedalling efficiency thereby making cycling more stress-free. Even old aged persons can use them easily. It is faster and easy to travel on rough or mountainous terrain with less physical effort. People can save their fuel and maintenance costs by owing these bikes.

What are the advantages of Paramedic electric bikes?

Paramedic Electric Bikes

These advantages are now being used by a group of health service providers. The Paramedic electric Bikes are now saving millions of lives by providing emergency health services. The biggest advantage of Paramedic electric bikes is that they can commute in congested traffic by using the free cycling lane and provide quick first-hand treatment to the patients while the ambulance is being held by bad traffic. It even makes it easier to carry the first aid equipment which may weigh up to 40 kilos. They can travel approximately 25 to 45 km/hr, once fully charged. The Paramedic Electric bikes are used by volunteers who have been trained to operate life-saving practices. They can reach your place within few minutes by these e-bikes and they can provide instant treatment during an emergency.

They are provided with siren and easily recognizable uniforms and a medical kit except for the stretcher. The uniform typically includes a helmet, knee pads, gloves, fluorescent jackets, glasses, waterproof cloth, skull protecting cap, utility belt, blue tooth mobile phone and radio for communication, pollution resisting masks, and body-protecting armour.

A Paramedic Electric bike medical kit typically contains the following equipment, namely

  1. Oxygen
  2. Pulse oximeter
  3. Emergency drugs.
  4. Defibrillator.
  5. Pediatric and adult kit.
  6. Sterile gloves.
  7. Dressing equipment and bandage.
  8. Blood pressure monitor.
  9. Ice pack
  10. Cleanser.
  11. Burn kit.
  12. Soft sterile splint.
  13. Airway kits.
  14. Haemorrhage kits.

Paramedic electric bikes can save your life during an emergency

The Paramedic electric bike riders are trained extensively to maneuver the bikes quickly and properly. They should learn to avoid hazardous situations, being alert and observant, ride at stand-still zones of traffic or crowded areas and follow various safety norms. They use the footpaths, shortcut lanes, and bike paths to travel. So they can easily commute to any place within a few minutes.

  • They are able to respond to any emergency within 4-6 minutes, or as fast as 60 seconds depending on the riders speed and proximity from the alarm. Successful trials conducted shows that they have been able to reduce many events like cardiac arrest, anaphylactic shock, drowning incidents, myocardial infractions.
  • They can even debrief the situation of the patient and inform the ambulance beforehand to increase or decrease its medical equipment as per the requirement.
  • The riders can cover an average distance of 20 kilometres per day to as much as 60- 70 kilometres. They can even go out of their zone and attend to far distant calls.

They are specifically dispatched during special events like open-air festivals, beach parties, and Commonwealth Games, and New Year and Christmas events where chances of accidents are more due to the crowds. Thus, they can attend to cases even faster when there is no space for movement for ambulances or other health services.

So if you are in an emergency then you can call a Paramedic electric bike to rescue. You can search for such services online.