Learn How to Engage Traffic and Convert Prospects into Customers



“We know what’s up with marketing in London. We’re a marketing agency in London that knows how to drive traffic AND convert prospects.” – This is what the leading marketing agencies in London usually state and is mostly true. Let’s take a closer look:

Not only do you need to know how to effectively drive traffic to your website, but you also need to know how to successfully convert those prospects. Although it isn’t easy, it doesn’t need to feel like an impossible task. All you need is support from an experienced marketing agency in London that understands how to nurture prospects in ways that feel authentic and natural to your brand.

Engage and Nurture with Support from Experts in Marketing in London

Let’s not forget, a lot of the time, prospects simply aren’t ready to convert. And that’s OK, provided you know how to drive the best outcomes. Depending on the industry you operate within, closing a prospect could take minutes, days, or even months. Regardless of where you sit on that timeline, implementing an effective nurturing strategy will help you to prevent your prospects from being swayed by messaging from your competition.

What Exactly is Nurturing?

Nurturing is essentially a catch-all term that refers to everything you’ll do to successfully move every prospect through your conversion funnel. This process will help you to transform someone who is merely window-shopping into a paying customer who will continue to return to your business again and again.

Many businesses simply use email marketing to nurture their prospects and while that can be effective, it does have its drawbacks. After all, every business with a robust nurturing strategy in place also uses email. That’s not a bad thing, but it does mean that you also need to utilize other tactics to ensure you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons.

The Importance of Paid Search and Social Advertising

Leveraging pay-per-click (PPC) and paid social advertising with support from a team specializing in marketing in London will ensure that less-than-ideal email open rates don’t damage your nurture strategy.

Let’s take a moment to think about what your personal inbox looked like this morning. The likelihood is that you had received several marketing emails from various businesses you have purchased from or engaged with in the past. Now, unless any of those emails had particularly enticing subject lines, you probably didn’t open them.

With PPC and paid social advertising, however, you don’t need to stand out amongst tens of other emails in the overflowing inboxes of your prospects. With a team who knows how to do marketing in London right, you can implement a multi-pronged strategy that will allow you to outperform your competition, some of whom likely don’t have a nurturing strategy in place at all.

How to Leverage Paid Social and PPC to Convert Prospects

  • Engage the right people

There are many ways in which PPC and socials can be used to successfully convert prospects at all stages of the purchasing process. For a start, using audience definition alongside keyword research will allow you to target specific audiences. This approach can be used at the top of your marketing funnel to ensure the right people know that you exist.

  • Ensure your messaging is aligned across all platforms

The most effective nurture strategies are comprised of overlapping tactics. Let’s say a prospect clicks on one of your text ads and downloads an article. You could then use targeted Facebook advertising to nurture that prospect by carefully addressing their issue and deliver an engaging solution to that issue.

It is important to avoid incessantly sending the same messaging over and over. Instead, aim to solve known issues in ways that feel organic. In demonstrating that you understand channels don’t exist independently you’ll have a much easier time earning and converting new leads with a single nurturing strategy.

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