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Black Diamonds – Some Interesting Snippets of Insights

Typically, transparent or white diamonds are an all-time favorite choice for rings. But, diamonds with different colors, too, have become a popular option for creating jewelry and custom rings. Especially, the black stone is creating a trend across the globe. And the credit goes to many celebrities who got caught on cameras with various embellishments using an interesting looking black stone.

This is nothing but the astonishing appeal of black diamond.

The Sense of Intrigue around These Marvelous Stones 

Rings made of black diamond rings look utterly attractive. No doubt, commoners and celebrities alike prefer this ‘out of the ordinary’ look radiated by this stone. It is commonly put on by those who need a distinct look to their attire and want adornments that keep others in awe.

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Are you equally intrigued by the sense of mystery around black diamonds? Then you aren’t alone. There are many who admire this and secretly harbor common misconceptions about it. But you can relax and know every essential aspect of this ethereal diamond through this blog.  

How Does The Stone Get The Unique Color? Are They Fake?

To put it succinctly, black diamonds are indeed real. Just like the white and colorless variants of the precious stone, these too are authentic.

The stone may get its color due to one of the two causes as below

1 – The high concentration of graphite renders it black in color.

2 – The stone may have encountered innumerable additions over many years. As a result, the diamond may attain back as the primary shade.

Whatever the reason, one fact is clear – it is the color that heightens the intrigue around the precious gem. 

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Two Key Variants of Black Diamonds

1 – Natural black diamond

The natural black diamond (‘Carbonado’) is indigenous to some parts of Brazil and Africa. They are found in naturally occurring conditions. Though they are slightly less expensive as compared to the naturally occurring colorless variants, still their appeal remains timeless and is now adorned by celebrities   

2 – Synthetic Variants

Jewelry experts subject the regular diamond to various chemical treatments to modify its color so that it turns black. Jewelry connoisseurs prefer the natural variety over the synthetic diamonds. This is why the synthetic are comparatively inexpensive.

 Pros of Black Diamond Engagement Rings:

The biggest pro is black diamond rings are that they are trending as a veritable style statement. If you like to keep abreast of the latest trend, then these black diamonds would be a classic addition to your collection.

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And if you are someone who likes staying updated with fashion, then you have to get this one. Not to mention, black diamonds have that bold vibe, and they look beautiful no matter what. The best part is, when you’re getting a black diamond, you don’t have to consider any of the four C’s. The black color hides and makes up for any imperfections on the stone.

To Sign Off

That was 101 about black diamonds. They are as authentic as white diamonds, and indeed, a black stone makes a bold, subliminal, and attractive ring. So, go ahead and get a unique fashion ring with a black diamond for your spouse; she’s undoubtedly going to adore it.

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