Unique Things To Do in Montreal , Canada

Unique things to do in Montreal

Montreal is every traveler’s paradise and thus, this destination is known to be one of the most looked upon locations. A lot of people have been searching for cheap flights to Montreal currently. Thus, if you don’t want to miss out on your flight to this location, make sure you book tickets well in advance. With so many places to visit and a plethora of unique things to try out, you are surely never going to get bored here. But, if you want to escape from every kind of touristy stuff and just want to explore the unknown, you can try out some incredible activities here. These unusual activities would help you in experiencing the location like a local.

Such unique things to try out in Montreal are mentioned below:

Mount Royal is considered one of the most exemplary places to explore in Montreal. It’s because this small mountain has always promised a plethora of heart-stealing from every angle. Mount Royal has always proved to be a top-notch place that has got an array of outdoor activities to try out. While being here, you can easily indulge in the exploration of its forested pathways. You can also try out cross-country skiing. Every minute spent here shall be worth it if you are spending your time here wholeheartedly. It’s a brownie point if you are present here during wintertime. This is because, you can be a part of skating, sliding, and skiing during winters here.

  • Head towards the street fairs :

Montreal hosts a lot of street fairs all throughout the year. Thus, while being here, you can check out these intriguing and entertaining street fairs with no shortcomings. These fairs provide perfect opportunities for travelers to shop, eat and try out the various kinds of activities. Also, it’s quite notable that you would get to know Montreal’s culture when you are a part of these street fairs. If you want to experience the unique and frolic-filled charm of the street fairs, make sure you don’t miss out on the Italian week held during August’s beginning. Also, the sugar shack-themed street fair would be a ‘worth-it experience once you are here. It is celebrated during the later days of March.

  • Shopping at the Underground City:

As the name suggests., the Underground City is quite huge and has a whole network of interconnected subterranean tunnels. They are easily accessible to the notable metro station. During the summertime, you would find it air-conditioned, while during wintertime, it is heated. There are various reasons to try out shopping at the Underground city. You can walk the 30 kilometers’ circuit numbers here. The underground city has everything that a shopaholic would ever need. These include restaurants, malls, and other downtown attractions. You should not miss out on the indoor ice-skating activity here, and the Berlin wall’s fragment located at the noteworthy World Trade Centre.

  • Checking out the wine bars of Montreal :

The natural wine bars present in Montreal are highly demanded by the visitors and the locales here. There is a whole array of commendable restaurants and bars offering a wide variety of wine options. You should not forget about the delicious dinners that you can complement with these classic collections of wines. Some of them include the mon Lapin, Rouge Gorge, Alma, Bar St-Denis, Majesties, and a plethora of others. Each one of them is perfect and unique in its way. Irrespective of these restaurants you choose to visit and spend your time at, you are surely going to experience the best collection of wines.

  • Participate in the food tours of Montreal :

Food tours are considered to be the finest ways of coming up closer and communicating with Montreal’s culture. You would be able to learn about the city since its food is known to be the finest illustration of culture. There are a variety of food stops that you should try out while being a part of Montreal’s food tour. It is the finest way to connect with like-minded people, especially for the culture buffs. Apart from this, you would also come across many historical landmarks during your food tour. You are going to meet a lot of new people during the whole tour and that’s what makes it unique. These tours are also considered to be the best way to get a day out especially during the summer months.

  • See the unique art galleries in Montreal :

There is a vibrant arts scene in Montreal and it’s because there are plenty of museums located here. Each one of these museums has got an array of beautiful paintings made by the best artists of all time. Some of the most famous art galleries prevalent in Montreal include the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Muse d’Art Contemporising de Montréal. At the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, you can have a look at the permanent collection of modern and classic visual art. It is free for everyone who is under the age of 30 years. If you are an art lover and want to see the best art of all time, wait no more and start searching for cheap flights to Montreal.


There are loads of unusual things that you can try out while being in Montreal. The ones mentioned above are undoubtedly the finest ones out of them. But, if you are here for many days, you can also try out the cafes here, and also be a part of the outdoor activities organized here. Now that you are well aware of the activities to try out here, what are you waiting for? Get an array of cheap flights to Canada from MyTicketsToIndia and start your journey. It has the best team of flight ticketing experts who can assist you get the finest flight booking deals. Moreover, the best part is that their customer service is available 24×7. They are experienced and have the desired skill set required to book flights at competitive prices. MyTicketsToIndia is surely going to make your holidays in Montreal, the best one with no hassle!