Top Attractions in Al Quoz

Oli Oli Dubai -Al Quoz

Located in the center of Dubai, Al Quoz is a dynamic and fast-developing community that has evolved from an industrial hub into a cultural mecca. Al Quoz is a beautiful place to visit or live because of all the exciting shops, restaurants, and sights to see. This diverse neighborhood caters to everyone, from art lovers to foodies and adventurers. In this piece, we will explore the top attractions in Al Quoz, the cultural epicenter of Dubai, and ensure that your trip there is one you will always remember.

Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue

The numerous modern art galleries across Al Quoz constitute a significant draw for those interested in the visual arts. Alserkal Avenue is a great place to begin your artistic explorations, as it is home to over 20 art galleries, design studios, and other creative venues. Alserkal Avenue is a paradise for art lovers searching for inspiration and cultural immersion, hosting various cutting-edge exhibitions and thought-provoking installations. Be sure to see innovative art pieces and talk to their creators and curators.

Jamjar Dubai

Jamjar Dubai

At the Jamjar, you can paint, make ceramics, and express yourself creatively. Participate in open studio hours or classes to connect with your creative side. Woodworking, leatherworking, pottery, jewelry making, and more are all on the table at The Workshop Dubai, a mecca for do-it-yourselfers. Gain knowledge, make one-of-a-kind creations, and bring home a piece of Al Quoz with you as a handcrafted keepsake.

Green Art Gallery Dubai

Green Art Gallery

Green Art Gallery is a contemporary-themed art gallery that has been open since 1995 and features artists from the Middle East and beyond. Explore innovative exhibitions and interact with artistic expressions that question the status quo. Visit Mirzam Chocolate Factory to satisfy your sweet taste and see chocolate made from a bean to a bar. Try some delicious treats while learning about the origins of chocolate on a guided tour.

The Courtyard Playhouse Dubai

If you are interested in the performing arts, you should attend The Courtyard Playhouse, Dubai’s first improv theater. In this encouraging and imaginative setting, you may see amusing acts, participate in improv courses, and even try to play on stage. Located in the heart of Al Serkal, this experimental art venue features the works of both local and international artists. Artists have a place to live, create, and show their work at Al Serkal Residences, opening up a rich conversation between the arts and the local population.

Inked Dubai

Inked Dubai is a well-known tattoo parlor in the Al Quoz neighborhood where you can be inked or check out some fantastic body art. Inked Dubai provides a clean, professional space for people to get tattoos from skilled artists that care about their work. The Fridge Dubai is a popular venue for live performances and other artistic events in Dubai. See some fantastic local bands, musicians, and performers who call Dubai home.

Cinema Akil

Explore the world of alternative and indie films at Cinema Akil. This non-profit theater shows a wide variety of films from around the world to promote new talent in the film industry and honor the art of storytelling. The Smash Room is a one-of-a-kind attraction that allows visitors to release their tension and aggravation by breaking things into a safe and contained setting. Take out your frustrations and have fun with a bat or a sledgehammer.

OliOli Dubai

OliOli Dubai in Al Quoz is the place to go if you want to get enthralled with the artwork. Adults can also enjoy this children’s museum’s engaging and informative displays. OliOli Dubai provides various exciting activities to spark curiosity and inspiration through hands-on learning and originality. Fun is abundant at OliOli Dubai, thanks to attractions like the Toshi’s Nets adventure course and the Future Park interactive digital playground. Get your OliOli Dubai tickets in advance to guarantee entry and avoid waiting in line.

Visit The Courtyard

Al Quoz has a vibrant art scene, and it also has some great restaurants. Visit The Courtyard, an unexpected oasis between the warehouses of Al Quoz. Everything from traditional Indian street food to authentic Italian gelato can be found at this hip eatery. The Courtyard is the ideal place to enjoy a leisurely meal or catch up with friends, thanks to its relaxed vibe and quaint outdoor seats.

Al Quoz Pond Park

Al Quoz Pond Park

The Al Quoz Pond Park is a pleasant surprise for nature lovers in Al Quoz. The park’s verdant lawns, winding paths, and peaceful pond make it an ideal place to relax after city sightseeing. Enjoy the quiet park by going for a stroll, having a picnic, or riding a rented bike around the grounds. It is a beautiful spot to relax and get in touch with nature.

Visit The Odd Piece

If that is your thing, Al Quoz is a great place to go shopping. The neighborhood is well-known for its unique selection of boutiques and concept stores. Many exciting shops range from specialty clothing boutiques to unusual gift shops. Visit The Odd Piece, a shop selling furniture and decorative items made by local artists.

Top FAQs for travelers explaining Al Quoz Attractions:

1] In Al Quoz, when does Al Serkal Avenue open and close?

Al Serkal Avenue has numerous galleries and restaurants that set their hours. The museums are usually accessible between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM on Tuesdays through Saturdays. It is recommended, however, to verify the precise hours of operation of the galleries you intend to visit.

2] Where can I get tickets to OliOli Dubai in Al Quoz?

You may gain access to OliOli Dubai at several locations in Al Quoz. Booking your tickets online through the official OliOli Dubai website is the quickest and most hassle-free option. You might also inquire about any local travel agents or ticketing platforms in your area to see whether they sell tickets for OliOli Dubai. Booking in advance is recommended to guarantee your preferred date and time of visit because availability is subject to change.

3] Where can I park my car in Al Quoz?

Yes, there are plenty of parking options in Al Quoz. There are parking lots near several galleries, restaurants, and cafes. In addition, there are numerous parking lots available to the general public. Find out in advance whether parking requirements or fees are at your destination.

4] Where can I eat in Al Quoz that does not contain meat?

Absolutely! Vegetarian and vegan eateries can be found in abundance in Al Quoz. You can find various vegan and vegetarian options in the many cafés and eateries. Many trendy eateries now cater to vegans and vegetarians, and you can also find vegetarian options at many Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants. It is wise to check menus ahead of time or call ahead to restaurants to make sure they can accommodate your dietary needs.

5] Does Al Quoz have any kid-friendly attractions?

There are many fun and leisure things to do in Al Quoz with the kids. For families with young children, OliOli Dubai is an excellent choice. Children of all ages will enjoy the museum’s interactive displays and hands-on activities. There is a playground, walking trails, and open green space in Al Quoz Pond Park, making it an excellent destination for families. Creative opportunities for people of all ages can be found in The Courtyard and The Jamjar. Everyone in the family may find fun in Al Quoz.


Al Quoz is an exciting area that represents the best of Dubai’s developing cultural scene. Al Quoz is a must-see for any tourist because of its impressive array of museums, galleries, restaurants, and parks. The contemporary art at Alserkal Avenue, the thrills at OliOli Dubai, and the serenity of Al Quoz Pond Park all contribute to making this a unique and unforgettable neighborhood. Get in sync with your inner artist & discover Dubai’s finest attractions in Al Quoz.