Top 8 Places to Visit in Cyprus

Top 8 Places to Visit in Cyprus

Cyprus is a great choice if you’re looking for an exotic vacation spot. The island has amazing beaches and natural beauty like no other place. The land here is so diverse that there are many things to do and places to visit. Whether you want to go mountain climbing or swimming in the ocean, plenty of options are available here on this small island nation. Today we will talk about some of the top tourist attractions in Cyprus that should be on your list if you ever find yourself visiting Cyprus!

1. Paphos

The city of Paphos is located in the district of Paphos and the island of Cyprus. It has a population of 45,320, making it the third-largest city on the island.

The city is located in the west part of Cyprus and was originally founded by Greeks in 1200 BC. The main tourist attraction here is The Old Town, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006. You can also visit one or more than one of our beautiful beaches or spend some time at our medieval castle and enjoy your time here with us!

2. Nicosia

Nicosia is the capital and largest city of Cyprus. The island’s chief commercial and cultural center has been Cyprus’s capital since 1950.

The surrounding district is home to several important archaeological sites, such as Enkomi, Kourion, and Salamis. In addition to its medieval walls, Nicosia boasts several Byzantine churches, the most notable being S. Sophia (13th century), which was converted into a mosque during Ottoman rule and reconverted back into a church after independence from Britain in 1960. Nicosia has been inhabited since at least 7000 B.C.; however, its current form arose only after the Ottoman conquest in 1571 A.

3. Troodos Mountains

The Troodos Mountains are a must-see attraction on the island of Cyprus. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a beautiful area that offers tourists a variety of activities, including hiking, horseback riding, and even skiing in the winter months.

There are many ways to get here: you can drive your vehicle or take a taxi from Limassol or Nicosia (both located in the south). If you’re planning on hiking through this part of Cyprus, keep in mind that it’s best to have some experience with mountain climbing beforehand so you don’t get lost along the way! You may want to bring an extra day just in case something happens during your trip—it will give you time to relax after getting lost and explore all there is at hand!

While staying in one of these areas may be difficult due to how remote they are from cities like Larnaca or Paphos, where most tourists tend not to go unless absolutely necessary due to their lackadaisical attitude towards safety precautions such as vaccination shots against diseases such as Ebola, which could potentially be contracted if one does not follow the protocol properly (elevated temperatures). However, there are plenty of nearby towns within driving distance if needed–Limassol being one example among many other possibilities out there!

4. Larnaca

Larnaca is a port city in the southern part of Cyprus. It’s the second-largest city on the island, with a population of over 80k people. Larnaca is known as “the capital of tourism” due to its warm climate and beautiful beaches. But if you’re visiting during the off-season (November to March), you’ll find plenty of nightlife too!

You’ll want to book an Airbnb at least one night before going out because there are plenty of restaurants and bars within walking distance from your place. You could also rent a car for about 18 euros per day to get around town faster—there are many public transportation options available if you don’t feel like driving around all day long!

5. Limassol

If you’re looking for a city to visit in Cyprus, Limassol is the place to go. The island’s largest city is home to many beautiful places and exciting activities.

Limassol has a great beach that stretches for miles along its coast. You can find many restaurants, cafes, and shops around the shoreline that are perfect for grabbing lunch or browsing for souvenirs before returning to town again.

6. Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is a town in Cyprus, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s famous for its nightlife and being one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the country—so if you want to hit up some bars and clubs while you’re there, this is definitely the place to go. If you want something more relaxed and laid-back during your trip (and who doesn’t?), then Ayia Napa might not be right for your needs. However, suppose you’re looking for an exciting trip to add to your itinerary with friends or family members who aren’t very picky about their holiday destinations. In that case, this is probably going to be your best bet!

7. Troodos National Forest Park

The Troodos National Forest Park is located in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus. It was founded in 1986 and covers an area of over 2,500 hectares (25 square kilometers). The park includes the most important areas of forestation in Cyprus, representing a unique ecosystem home to a wide range of wildlife, including deer, wild boar, and foxes.

The highest peak within the park reaches 2,524 meters above sea level (8,272 feet).

8. Kyrenia

Kyrenia is a town on the northern coast of Cyprus. It has a long history, dating back to the 10th century B.C. Kyrenia was also once home to many Greek and Latin writers and philosophers. The city’s old harbor area retains the charm, with many restaurants lining its promenade and waterfront walkway.

Kyrenia is popular among tourists for its beautiful beaches, historic sites, and local events such as Easter celebrations.

All the places to visit in Cyprus are magical, and you need to see them all.

Cyprus is a beautiful island with a rich history. If you’re traveling to Cyprus, there are many places and things to do.

Some of the most popular attractions in Cyprus include:

  • The ancient city of Salamis
  • The medieval walled city of Famagusta
  • The port city of Limassol
  • The resort town of Protaras


Cyprus is a wonderful place, and I hope this list has given you some ideas on where to go when visiting. It’s a diverse country with so much to offer, so take your time and enjoy yourself!