Losing the Spark? Here’s How You Can Plan a Romantic Getaway

romantic getaway

Are you planning your very own first travel together with your special one? Or maybe you’ve already travelled as a couple from your last getaway? Nevertheless, making plans for your romantic vacation can be a bit stressful. Expectations can get very high if you and your partner are on a trip like this. You want to be as romantic as possible. 

But going away for several nights with your special someone should not be that problematic. Or thinking of a possible disaster to happen. However, there are important things you must know and tips you need for planning the stress-free romantic getaway that both of you will remember for all the good reasons.

Plan Your Romantic Getaway Ahead of Time  

Although it can be fun to go with the flow when you’re exploring a place, it’s better to plan at least a few aspects for your romantic holiday. Make sure that the accommodation you will book is what you’ll both agree on. You may also check the activities available before arriving at the place and look at the practicalities such as dining. If you do this in advance, you will show your partner that you care about them and exert effort in order to have a perfect weekend getaway even if one thing can go wrong. 

Be Realistic

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Most couples get caught up in the fantasy world. A lot of Hollywood films make us believe that the only way to have an exceptional romantic getaway is to stay in a luxury 5-star hotel suite drinking a bottle of Bollinger on ice. But this is not how it should be, you may think about what you and your partner would love to do and book something that suits your preferences, budget, and interests. For instance, if you like living the high life but you can’t pay for a lavish hotel, you may consider a more relatively expensive B&B or a stylish new budget hotel in a fine location. If you love being outdoors, then a why not experience glamping together? It’s cheaper and more fun than staying 5-star hotel room. 

Consider Booking Outside of High Season 

If you want to find the perfect romantic getaway, we would recommend that you try booking your travel dates outside of school and family vacation periods. You’re lucky enough if those dates even match a significant date, such as the anniversary of the day you met for the first time, or a birthday would make it even better. 

Discover a New City Together 

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It’s time to get to know a new city together or if you are already familiar with the city, try exploring new areas. Doing this will help you to reconnect with your partner and have him or her stand next to you as you appreciate a surprising piece of art or even a lovely green area. 

Live the Life From the Outside World 

Couples who want a more private retreat place to connect back together on a deeper personal level and reignite the spark. Most couples want to escape the busy and stressful daily routine of their life and give up their senses to a unique and excellent experience. 

To achieve this, you can turn off your mobile phone or just leave it during the entire stay. What you are doing here is to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with each other. 

Request For In-Room Details 

It doesn’t matter if you want to have some petals or personalized sweet treats, or intimate dining experienced with candlelight in your room. Hotels are always prepared for this. They know how to take their guest’s vision for their romantic vacation and turn it into a reality during their stay. 

Spend Money On Worth It Amenities 

Most couples like to spend their time enjoying the comforts of their room, but they also like to ask about the amenities featured on the hotel’s most roomy and secluded spare bedrooms it offers. So while you’re there, try to ask them about their extra amenities such as arranging dinners on the beach. 

Take Into Consideration The Downtime 

One of the best advice you should follow is to think about balance because you can be tempted to pack plenty of activities into the getaway. Couples who have the greatest reconnection throughout their romantic getaway are those who include downtime into their trip. 

Deal With Things When They Go Wrong (And MOVE ON!) 

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No matter how couples carefully plan their romantic getaway, something can still go wrong. It may seem that fate is still not stopping to mess with travellers, particularly those people who are looking for romance. But this is okay, it happens all the time. It’s normal! Hopefully, it’s not that huge and the problem is just minor. 

You might feel like it’s difficult not to get disappointed when that magnificent view on the hotel website you saw looks nothing to the one from their $500 a night room. So the best thing to do here is to talk it out, deal with it, and just move on. This might be hard but you’re not alone! Just learn from the experience. You may tell your partner with comforting words that although it can be disappointing and annoying, you won’t let it ruin their romantic escape. Your partner will surely understand it!