5 destinations to explore during Hispanic heritage month

Hispanic heritage

What is Hispanic heritage month?

Americans celebrate National Hispanic month from September 15th till October 15th.  During this, they reminisce and appreciate their Hispanic roots, culture, traditions, and selfless contribution to America. If you are interested in visiting the top destinations celebrating the Hispanic day, then for a cheap fare, go for a Southwest airlines voucher.

El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Nicaragua commemorate their independence on  Sept. 15. Independence day is also celebrated by Mexico and Chile during this long Hispanic heritage month.

All the countries mentioned above are unique in their way, but this Hispanic heritage month ties them together into a beautiful fusion of Spanish heritage, culture, and tradition. If you desire to experience the richness of Spanish history and culture, then why not explore the 5 destinations that are the melting pot of Hispanic heritage?

If you are intrigued by Hispanic origin, culture, and traditions and want to explore its magnificence closely, we have assembled a list of places and attractions to assist you in your travel.

List of top 5 destinations to explore during the Hispanic heritage month

  • Costa Rica, Cartago

Before a catastrophic volcanic eruption destroyed  Cartago, it was the capital of Costa Rica. Now it is the epicenter of history, culture, and tradition for tourists.

You can enjoy tranquil strolls around the temple ruins like the popular  Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Los Ángeles.

Walk over the archaic stone bridges and explore the architectural beauty of century-old houses. Visit the old church,  Ujarras Ruins, encircled by breathtaking gardens.

Listen to the mysterious tales of  Costa Rica’s prehistoric civilization by visiting the ruins of the Central Conservational Area.

Besides visiting these historical sites, you can also savor the traditional food served at the local eateries or hike to the  Irazu volcano.

Interesting facts about Cartago, Costa Rica:

  1. You will find the happiest people in Costa Rica according to the  “Happy Planet Index.”
  2. Soccer is a popular game that cheers all over Costa Rica.
  •  El Salvador, Tazumal

If you are interested in the Mayan culture, El Salvador is your place. It homes the most remarkable remains of the Mayan civilization.  Chalchuapa, located at  Tazumal, is one such Mayan pre -Colombian archeological treasure.

This archeological site is over 7000 years old. Around the 13th century, it was left deserted.

The government revived the area, giving tourists the opportunity to explore the past.

If you further want to quench the thirst of the explorer’s soul, then stop by Santa Ana,  El Salvador’s 2nd largest city. This place is the nation’s heart for culture and tradition. 

If you are tired of exploring the rich culture of the place, then get coffee from the cafes around the area. Santa Ana is the nation’s primary exporter of Coffee.

Some interesting facts about Tazumal, El Salvador:

  1. It is also known as the land of volcanoes.
  2. There is a picture of a volcano on  El Salvador’s national flag.
  3. It is surfers’ heaven.
  4. It is the 4th largest producer and exporter of coffee.
  • Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is the right mix of pre-hispanic traditions and European culture. Enveloped by beautiful churches, volcanoes, and intricate buildings tell the tale of the city’s rich traditional diversity.

Tourists can explore the 16th-century exquisite town on foot, even the splendid French Clock with its intricate work at the  Arco de Santa Catalina. Visit the stunning central park cocooned by the Palacio del Ayuntamiento and the beautiful old buildings, narrating the stories of the rich Hispanic culture.

You can also taste the Hispanic culture in the traditional food here. Savor the epic dish   Pollo pipián, wrapped in the flavors of both Spanish and Mayan cultures.

Interesting facts about  Antigua:

  1. The people here are fond of fireworks. You will hear and see spectacular displays of fireworks in all their celebrations.
  2. The churches don’t use bells but bombs to communicate with god.
  3. There are three active volcanoes in   Antigua.
  4.  People from all over the globe visit   Antigua to learn Spanish.
  • Comayagua, Honduras

Well known for its tranquil shimmering beaches, Honduras is also known for its old island towns. These island towns are the treasure house of the nation’s rich history and culture. Walking through these small historic towns feels like you have time-traveled the past. The Museum of Religious Art and The Comayagua Regional Museum are the best spots if you want to explore the abundant history and culture.

Interesting facts about Comayagua, Honduras:

  1. It was once known as the banana republic.
  2. Honduras banned smoking in your own homes.
  3. The buses in Honduras are also known as Chicken buses.
  4. Honduras has two capitals.
  • Veracruz, Mexico

With turquoise blue waves of the pearly white beaches cast a magical spell on all those who visit Veracruz. The white shimmering waterfalls have a hypnotizing effect on ones mind and body. The mesmerizing beauty of this place is just breathtaking.

Veracruz is also known as the historic state of Mexico. The city is a fusion of Spanish and Hispanic cultures. This flavorsome fusion has largely affected the food and traditions of the place.

If you want to experience the history of the place through dance and music then hit the Zocalo in Downtown Veracruz. It is, popular amongst the locals for traditional folk music style entertainment  “son jarocho”.

You will to refreshed to see the energy that this place displays every Saturday at the square, where couples get together to participate in  Danzón.  Danzón is the customary couples dance celebrated at this place.

If you are exhausted after all the dancing then dive into the tastes of Gorditas and delicious seafood. End the iconic evening by savoring coffee with milk at Lechero café.

Interesting facts about Mexico:

  1. Mexico is also known as New Spain.
  2. Mexico has 59 varieties of corn.
  3. 68 languages are spoken in Mexico.
  4. The world’s largest pyramid is in Mexico.
  5. Mexicans celebrate “Three Wise Men Day” on January 6. 

The Hispanic month is an excellent opportunity to explore Hispanic and Latino Americans’ great history, culture, and traditions. Through this grand celebration, we thank them for their unconditional contribution to America. This celebration offers a  tremendous chance to share their rich and diverse culture.