TOP 8 Common things Car Travellers always Forget to Pack


Going on vacation is good for everyone. It is not only for having a good rest, but also about visiting new places, getting new impressions and positive emotions. But you will hardly get positive emotions when you see the prices for a suite, car rental, local restaurants. That’s why it is important to be well-prepared. Under 25 car rental is the best car rental service available in form of mobile apps. This is your chance to get the cheapest price and reduce your stress because of money. Do you have doubts about cars? You can pick the car by size, price, technical characteristics. Read everything carefully and make your choice.

There is one more thing that is often stressful for all car travelers. It’s packing your suitcase. No matter where you go and how many packing lists you make, there is always a chance to forget something. It will be really sad if you leave something important at home! Now those days are gone. Here is a list of item travelers usually leave at home light-heartedly.


 1. You often forget phone chargers


Your smartphone is one of the most important gadgets on the go. You often use it for checking the way, contacting your rental manager, car agency. You often use different mobile apps to book a restaurant for dinner or find the nearest shop. But traveling without a phone charger is really challenging. It’s a terrible mistake to pack your charger at the last minute.

2. You often forget your toothpaste

Actually, it is not a problem if you forget your toothpaste. This item is available in the hotel or in the next corner shop. But if you need a special brand or flavor you may not find it in the local supermarket. That’s why try to pack your toothpaste among the first items.

3. Don’t forget your swimsuit

Do you think that you don’t need a swimsuit? Even if you are traveling to the country with no sea or ocean, you may have an opportunity to swim in the hotel pool or tube. That’s why you will always regret if you forgot to pack your swimsuit.

4. Never forget your first aid kit

You hope that your car trip will go smoothly. Whatever happens, you must have a first aid kit in the car. Pack some basic items like antiseptic creams, antibiotics, eye drops, and bandages. It would be great to have an extra bottle of clean water and wipes.

5. You often forget hand sanitizer

sanitizerIt often happens that you have to get to the place of your destination by different transports. You may take a flight and then rent a car from the airport. Also, people often book one-way car rental option to get to the final point by car and come back home by plane. Whatever trip plan you make, you shouldn’t forget about personal safety. The first defense is to sanitize everything, including the door handles, seats, tray tables. A bottle of sanitizing gel or spray doesn’t take much space in your valise but they’re also very easy to forget. What to do? You can buy a couple of bottles and pack them in your suitcases and backpacks. So, whatever valise you pick for your trip you will never forget to pack your hand sanitizer because it is already in it!

6. Try not to forget your glasses and contacts

If you wear glasses or contacts, you may easily forget them at home in a rush. Nothing ruins a day of sightseeing like your bad eyes. It takes much time to find a place to buy a new pair of glasses or contacts. What is more, you may need a prescription for that. That’s why it is better to have a pair of extra glasses or contacts to pack it to your valise beforehand.

7. Don’t forget your hairbrush

The practice shows that people often forget to pack different small items. The most popular of them is a hairbrush. It will never be a problem to buy a new brush on the way. Hotels also leave souvenir combs for their visitors. But if you have your favorite hairbrush that suits you the most you should make a rule to buy the same comb to keep it in your travel kit. Packing your travel kit you automatically pack your hairbrush and cosmetics

8. Take your rain jacket


Don’t forget about the weather. Even if you are traveling to a hot country, there is a chance that the weather is rainy or cool. Just pack your rain jacket and sleep well.

Is your valise large enough to fit all your travel items and souvenirs in? That’s so great that you have such a comfortable travel valise. It would be great if you have a packing list and some time to pack your valise properly. This is the way you will never forget anything!