How to Upgrade Laptop Ram

laptop rams

Well, in the modern world we all know that technology has taken over. This takeover has been gradual, it was steady and slow. Moreover, since technology has taken we all are getting used to it a little too much. From our work to our everyday basic tasks we are so much dependent on different sorts of electronic devices. For some tasks we require electronic devices such as iron to press our clothes, on the other hand, we tend to use the microwave to make sure that our food is nice, warm, and also a good laptop ram for smooth work

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The thing is that the change in the technological world was gradual but now there is no world without technology and in addition to this, we all are aware of the fact that the future is all in electronics and technology. Hence, people have learned this the hard way and adapted to the changes to survive. There is one electronic device we are all used to is the laptop as it gets most of the work done for almost everyone out there,

What is a Laptop?

There are several uses for a laptop out there. Moreover, people tend to utilize it for purposes, as people keep it to use in their homes, just to be used by kids, or for basic household purposes. Apart from this people tend to use it for office work. As laptops are much more convenient than computers hence, majority of the people love using them for work purposes too.

Apart from this people tend to use laptops for online banking purposes too. As they can handle all their cash online quite easily. Moreover, it has allowed several people to stay in contact even when they are several miles apart. It helps people to stay connected and feel like they are next to each other.

It allows people to browse about different things according to their interests at times housewives tend to browse a lot about cooking recipes and household-related stuff. On the other hand, some girls tend to learn makeup by watching tutorials online on their laptops. While others use it for educational purposes too. For instance; watching informational videos, making presentations, and so on. TechZones is providing laptop upgrade services. We are working in the United Kingdom for more than 18 years. Contact us today to get Laptop Repair Service in Manchester at affordable prices.

Moreover, people can use a laptop to search for jobs online and in addition to that people can do a job online through laptops. As this was the regimen that was being followed during the times of covid-19. Apart from this laptops can be used to store data. You can store a large amount of data without any worry. It can be videos, pictures, work files, anything you want. Last but not least laptops can be used to play games. There is the majority of people who have shown their interest in playing games via laptop and are immensely passionate about it.

What is RAM?

The term RAM means random access memory; it is a hardware computing device that is in the operating system of the laptop. It is a highly essential part of all the laptops out there. All the application programs and all the current data are kept in the RAM of the laptop. The reason to do so is that the data could be reached quickly by the processor of the laptop.

Furthermore, the RAM is considered to be the memory of the computer as it is responsible for storing all the data. RAM is much easier and faster to read and write from in comparison to other storage parts like the hard disk device, or even an optical device in that matter.

The random-access memory is a volatile thing, the ram being volatile means that the data that you stored in it is present there once you close the laptop the data will be no longer present there. However, this does not happen when you just shut the screen down, this tends to happen when you turn off the laptop. This is because the RAM of the laptop is rebooted. The RAM tends to work more on the immediate memory that has been stored and once shut down it gets rebooted hence, all the memory is erased.

The process of sending data via the random-access memory is kind of slow but it is the best option and allows the storage of data in the best way possible. Once the data in the RAM is filled up the old data is moved to the hard disk of the laptop. As we can see, RAM plays an immensely important role in the processing of laptops.

How to Update Laptop Ram?

Well, we all know the importance of RAM in a laptop but the technology is getting advanced day after day and since this is the case the RAM of the laptop is also required to be updated. Here are a few steps you can follow to update your RAM:

  1. The first thing you need to do is that you need to open the back panel of your laptop. When you are opening the back panel, you need to make sure that your laptop is turned off.
  2. Once you have opened the back panel, the second step is to insert a new RAM into it. Here you can plug in the RAM with an extra module as there is an extra slot present there. Moreover, if you want to remove the existing ones, you can do that too.
  3. When you add the new RAM, you need to make sure that you push it downward with a little bit of push so that it gets fixed in place correctly.
  4. The last step you need to do is to place the back panel in its place again and your laptop is good to go, with a new and updated RAM attached.


We all are willing to get the most out of technology these days, as we are so dependent on it. however, the thing is that it is not always the model you can get better working and better features simply by doing little things like adding an updated RAM. Here are a few ways mentioned that you can use to make sure you do it correctly.