How to Avoid Cyber Crimes in Nigeria 2022?

cyber security

For the last few years, the use of the internet is becoming more and more increasing in Nigeria. As a result, Cybercrime has also increased. In this article, you will see how to prevent cyber crimes in Nigeria.

As the use of the internet becomes high, internet fraud has increased today. Today, cyber crimes are very common in Nigeria in the form of fraud emails, spamming, hacking, phishing, Denial of Service attacks, etc.

What are the causes of cybercrime in Nigeria?

The following are the major reasons for the increase in cyber crimes;

  • Unemployment:
  • Quest for Wealth
  • Lack of Cyber Security Laws
  • Incompetence from Being Hacked

Let’s make it clear;


The major reason is unemployment. As per research in 2016, there were over 20 million graduates unemployed. Due to this reason, they turned into Cyber Crimes.

Quest for Wealth

Eager for wealth is another reason. Youth in Nigeria are showing eagerness to get rich. For an educated youth, cyber crimes are a way to earn Millions.

Lack of Cyber Crimes Security Laws

In Nigeria, there are no strong laws for ensuring cyber security. This encourages people to do crimes over the internet.

Incompetence from Being Hacked

Personal computer security is inadequate. Some personal computers lack adequate or competent security mechanisms such as passwords, making them vulnerable to criminal activity and allowing information on them to be stolen.

How to Avoid Cyber Crimes in Nigeria? 

We already talk about the fact that the Government has limitations to protect the users from the potential internet threats in Nigeria.

As a Nigerian citizen, what can you do?

Let’s look at that,

Use a VPN

Yes! The best solution for preventing cyber crimes is to use the best VPN in Nigeria. A VPN can protect you from internet fraud activities by hiding your IP address. Whenever you connect to a VPN, it creates a tunnel to transfer data that can not be accessed by any third parties. There are a number of VPNs available in the market like SPL VPN. It is one of the best free VPNs for android in Nigeria if you have an android device.

Avoid Cyber Crimes Spam Mail

It is very common to receive spam emails or attachments from suspicious mail IDs. So here in this situation, you need to avoid such emails and don’t click on any links or attachments. This will lead to getting malware or viruses.

Manage Cookies

Cookies are a way to get caught by third parties doing harmful activities online. Many marketing companies use cookies to analyze user behavior. So you should use add-ons to your browser in order to block third-party cookies.

Make Strong Passwords To Protect Yourself From Cyber Crimes

Many of the internet frauds in Nigeria occur due to the poor password structure. So try to make your password strong.

Avoid Visiting Unsecured Website

Have you ever visited an unprotected website? If yes it is too dangerous. Because the website has no secured layer. Hackers can easily hack your personal data.


So, you should remember these points more seriously because, once your data is stolen, they can do anything with that.

By using the above tips you can avoid cyber crimes in Nigeria.

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