How to Start Live Streaming Online Fitness Classes

Live Streaming Online Fitness

Many fitness studios like gym and yoga classes were shut down due to lockdown restrictions imposed by the government to control the spread of coronavirus. Many people switched to online fitness classes doing workouts in the comfort of their homes, watching videos that people found safer instead of going to the gym. Today many gym instructors and yoga teachers have started their fitness app and website to stay in touch with the audience and started online fitness sessions to keep people fit and strong. Running online fitness classes has helped reach a broader audience and scale up your business. Live streaming online fitness classes needs little effort as you can directly interact with your people online and give them a good experience as they feel active and engaged.

Why it is important to start live streaming online fitness class

Real-time workout and live interaction 

People being stuck at home want to get real-time experience and to continue with fitness practices, live streaming is the only way to go. With live streaming, instructors can be in touch with the audience, and people can go with the pace and flow.

Live Streaming online Fitness classes help reach a broader audience and scale up the business. 

Running an online fitness class helps you scale up your business more than a physical fitness studio or gym. This is because many people will access the content online by paying subscription fees or one-time payment fees. When running a physical gym or fitness studio, you will be able only to attract customers around your gym location. These location and time factors are eliminated with online fitness as people just need to log in to start fitness practices. With an online fitness studio, many gym instructors and fitness teachers make money online through different monetization methods such as subscription-based, one-time payment fees, and advertisement-based methods.

Scheduling live streaming and no need for editing

Scheduling the live streaming online class at a particular time so that viewers could be present for the live streaming sessions. Conducting a live streaming session requires no editing activities, so you don’t need to edit videos. During this pandemic situation, it’s safer and better to do a home workout following online fitness videos rather than hitting the gym to do exercises.

Steps To Start Live Streaming Online Fitness Class

Choosing the type of Fitness class : 

Selecting the type of fitness class you want to live stream is the first part of starting an online fitness class. It may be Aerobics, Zumba, Cardio, Strength training or Yoga sessions. Whatever fitness class it may be, it is better to provide unique and quality video content to keep users engaged. 

Choosing the Equipment :

To start an online live streaming fitness class, certain equipment like a camera and microphone are definitely needed. It is required to match the experience of a real-time online fitness session. A high-end camera is needed if you want to stream high-quality Video when you want to present yourself in front of the camera. 

Other important equipment needed for live streaming are an encoder and transcoder. The encoder is used for compressing and converting video files to digital format for transmission. The transcoder is used for converting the video file into different resolutions. so the users can view the video at different resolutions on any device at varying internet speeds to avoid any buffering or lag.

Stable and Reliable Internet Connection :

For any live streaming of any fitness session, a faster and stable internet connection is mandatory. It is to be noted that the Video reaches the end-user without any lag or issues. Streaming high-quality live video content requires faster upload speed. It is safer to have a faster internet connection than the uploading speed you want to stream. That means it is better to have an internet speed of 3Mbps for 480p video and 6 Mbps for 720p Video. It is also essential for the audience to have an internet connection with a suitable speed to watch live video content. 

 Choosing a Live streaming platform :

Many streaming platforms are available today like youtube live, Facebook live, Instagram live, and Twitter, where you can live stream fitness content online. You can reach a broader audience. But it is also better to start an independent live streaming platform to build an online fitness business to reach a larger audience and generate money using a video streaming platform. It is better to select a Live streaming platform provider that builds a live streaming platform with powerful functionality and advanced features.

Choosing a live streaming platform that is affordable and easier to use as you don’t need any technical knowledge to use it. Choose a live streaming platform where you can live stream simultaneously on other platforms like youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. It is also best to have a live video recorder where videos are recorded and stored in a media library so that the users can watch them again. 

Coming to another important feature video monetization where fitness instructors can make money. Different video monetization models are used to generate revenue using video streaming platforms are Subscription method, pay-per-view method, and advertisement-based. The most popularly used methods are subscription-based as there is a stable flow of income through monthly subscribing fees. A gradual increase in the growing audience will make your income grow as this makes you focus on delivering greater service in the future.

Live streaming platforms tie-up with global CDN that helps in faster delivery of video content through various edge servers to reach end-users without any delay and deterioration in video quality. prevent overloading of main servers. Select a live streaming platform with white-label features that gives space for individual branding and complete control over the video content. The last feature required is an analytics dashboard where you get to know the performance of live fitness videos. you can check out the most engaging content and other information about user behavior, session time, and watching patterns. From this data, you can get some clarity and make a correction to make a video that keeps the audience engaged.

Promoting a live stream :

To start your live streaming fitness session it’s better to have some people online when streaming online. So let people know about this live streaming session. To do this promote your live stream on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. Release a small trailer or teaser with a good thumbnail on the Video. The people will get an idea about the live session. Also, share this information on the home page and send it to the email list as well. Finally, it is also essential to reply to comments or questions and gather feedback to improve your live streaming session in the future.


In the end, by following these steps mentioned above you can quickly start a live streaming online fitness class. Due to this COvid 19 pandemic, it simply changed the way people live. Many people have realized it is safer to do home workouts by following online fitness sessions. So that’s why the online fitness industry is booming. This blog shows the essential things that need to be considered for the future in the fitness industry.