A Complete Guide Import Lotus Notes NSF File into Outlook


Over the few years, Microsoft Outlook has gained immense popularity and that is the reason why many enterprises prefer Microsoft Outlook.

Seeing the popularity and better features of Outlook, no wonder why users wish to Import Lotus Notes NSF File into Outlook.

If we talk about both email clients, then both Lotus Notes & Microsoft Outlook are reliable sources of email management.

But, the overall structure and interface of IBM Notes are quite complex and its financial maintenance can have you scratching your hair in frustration.

That is enough talk about both the email applications, let’s talk about the solutions.

What are the solutions to convert lotus notes NSF files to Outlook?

Well, upon searching on the web realm I have come across two different types of solutions; manual and professional.

The manual method comes free of cost and most users do not like to waste any penny cause they are budget tight.

Whereas, in the professional solution you take the help of a third-party solution which costs you a certain amount of money.

Remember, In the end, the choice is yours!

Reasonable Factors of Importing NSF Files into MS Outlook

Not everyone can work with Lotus Notes application as it requires technical assistance. And let me tell you the situation can be way worse if you are just a normal novice user.

Lotus Notes Now Known as HCL Notes can be complex and also requires more financial management.

Speaking of MS Outlook is immensely popular among organizations and users and it offers better security features and you can work offline too.

That is why most of the users want to import lotus notes NSF file to Outlook.

And how can you do that?

Well, I am going to explain the solutions that can help you solve this query later in this article.

Have No Idea About this Query? Here Try these Solutions to Import Lotus Notes NSF File into Outlook

As I have explained earlier on in this article that different methods can be used for this procedure.

First, I will be tackling the manual method which is basically divided into two steps.

In the first step, you have to export emails from the lotus notes application in CSV format.

Then, the next step would be to import the exported CSV file into MS Outlook.

So, without wasting any more time let’s get this party started.

Manually Transferring Lotus Notes Emails into Microsoft Outlook

Carefully Implement each step for a successful conversion:-

1. Exporting Emails From Lotus Notes

  1. First of all, Launch the Lotus Notes application on your Windows System.
  2. Afterward, select the NSF mailbox and hit on the Export tab from the file menu.
  3. Next, you can choose a name and then browse the required destination path and select the CSV as your export type.
  4. Click on the Export option and then you can also apply other additional export options accordingly.
  5. Tap on the OK tab and then your CSV file will get exported into the chosen location.

2. Import the Exported CSV File into Microsoft Outlook

Here, you can follow the below-listed steps:-

  1. Run the MS Outlook application and navigate to the File menu.
  2. Select the Open/Export>>Import/Export>>Import from another program or file from the given options.
  3. To import a file, make sure to select the CSV file that you exported earlier.
  4. Once you have successfully uploaded the CSV file into the Import & Export Wizard. Click on the Finish tab after applying the necessary settings.
  5. Now, you have your Lotus Notes emails imported into MS Outlook.

Ta-da and you are done.

That’s all you gotta do to import lotus notes NSF file into Outlook.

But wait, there is more to that!

Do you know that these methods also have some limitations?

And you can lose your precious data if you do not follow the instructions correctly.

It is true, if any mishap occurs during the procedure then the end can be risky. As it may also lead to corruption.

So, what can we do in that scenario?

Well, the answer is simple when god closes a door he opens another.

This means, if this solution does not work for you then you can use a professional solution.

A Quick Guided Solution to Import NSF Files to Microsoft Outlook

The manual methods can be risky and complicated due to the repetitive steps.

Plus, there is no guarantee that this method will provide you with 100% satisfactory results.

In this situation, it is advised to opt for a third-party professional solution.

After searching continuously on the internet, I have come across the perfect solution; NSF to PST Converter.

This utility helps users to export emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and journals from the NSF files. With that being said, it also preserves internet header and HTML formatting as well as Doc Links.

Let’s End it Here

This blog helps users Import Lotus Notes NSF file into Outlook without facing any trouble.

For this query, I have also explained different solutions that users can use depending on their choice.

The manual solution can be a little complicated and you may end up losing your data it can also lead to corruption too.

That is why the better alternative would be to use a Professional solution for quick & secure conversion.