Looking for a Suitable Microsoft 365 Business Package for Your Business?

Microsoft 365

Do you want to invest in suitable productivity tools from Microsoft? Are you puzzled while selecting the appropriate Microsoft 365 license plans for your business?

We will help you in your journey to make the perfect selection of license plans to use Microsoft 365 applications and cloud-based services efficiently. This situation arises due to multiple license plans and subscription services of Microsoft 365 subscription dedicated to different businesses to boost efficiency and productivity.  Every business and organization executes numerous complex tasks and operations to fulfill the customer’s requirements and achieve desired goals.

For example, Fulton County Schools Group in Georgia has utilized the combination of CRM, SharePoint, and Power BI for advanced analytics to track partnerships and activities with local businesses. It is one of the largest school systems in Georgia and achieved substantial growth, and Microsoft 365 applications helped them make informed business decisions regarding partnerships with local businesses. In addition, they have also developed an innovative system to manage donations, programs, relationships, and events.

Let us divert our discussion toward different Microsoft 365 license plans suitable for multiple businesses and organizations. For instance, we will focus on two other Microsoft 365 business packages to improve productivity.

⦁ Microsoft 365 Business Standard

⦁ Microsoft 365 Business Premium

At first glimpse, it might be difficult for businesses and organizations to choose between these two application packages. Besides, both subscription plans provide a comprehensive feature list and give numerous selection options to users.

On the contrary, if you dive deep into the detailed information, it becomes easy for various organizations to select features that offer excellent results based on their niche needs and requirements.

Is It Worth Investing in Microsoft 365 Business Standard Plan?

Technological innovation introduces multiple digital tools that increase the productivity and efficiency of businesses. Research shows that most small and medium-scale enterprises opt for the Microsoft Business Standard for their primary business requirements. In this licensing plan, Microsoft 365 offers packages that include the email and desktop versions of productivity applications.  Also, this Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan is suitable for organizations to monitor small teams of employees or users who can access the primary office productivity applications across five devices.

Apart from these primary functions, this licensing plan from Microsoft offers versatile features to organizations that boost their performance and productivity.

⦁ Microsoft 365 Business standard plan offers the desktop versions of office productivity apps to the organizations such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher.

⦁ In addition, the organizations will receive the latest updates of all the office productivity apps from Microsoft every month.

⦁ For instance, small and medium-scale businesses can efficiently communicate and collaborate with employees using Microsoft Teams.

⦁ Also, the team members can efficiently chat, share innovative ideas, conduct video meetings, and voice-calling internally and with customers.

⦁ One of the best Microsoft 365 license plans provides companies or organizations with 1 TB of secure cloud storage per user with OneDrive.

⦁ In this way, businesses and their workforce can easily access, edit, share, and store confidential information seamlessly.

⦁ Apart from the secure file storage space, this subscription plan also provides a business email storage space of 50 GB per user with Microsoft Outlook.

⦁ So, employees and team members can store various crucial emails and share large files up to 150 MB as an attachment along with the email.

⦁ Besides, all the office productivity tools are equipped with cross-platform support and utilized on multiple devices like PC, tablets, and smartphones running on different operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android.

⦁ Businesses can educate and upskill their workforce by building the intranet and team sites with Microsoft SharePoint.

⦁ In addition, organizations can benefit from content collaboration platforms like SharePoint to socially connect employees and inform them of the latest updates and news related to business activities.

⦁ Finally, small, and medium-scale organizations will create a private, professional network and intranet website with Microsoft SharePoint.

Therefore, we can say that it is perfect for small and medium-scale organizations to invest in Microsoft 365 Business Standard subscription plan.

Hence, they can experience productivity boost, improved performance, time-savvy services, and enhanced work quality by utilizing all the different applications from this Microsoft 365 business package.

Which Features of Microsoft 365 Business Premium Boost Productivity?

Nowadays, advanced security is a major concern for large organizations and institutions. The latest technological innovation introduces modern tools that add fuel to cybercriminal activities.

For this purpose, enterprise-level organizations and businesses are looking for business packages that offer advanced security features. In this regard, Microsoft 365 Business Premium will provide all the basic features of the business standard plan and deliver advanced security and threat protection services. For example, financial institutions like banks continuously experience cyberattacks and phishing attacks trying to steal crucial sensitive financial information of customers. For this reason, robust security against financial risks has become one of banks’ primary and priority concerns.  However, the primary reason for selecting Microsoft 365 consulting services is the advanced threat protection capabilities preloaded with the office productivity applications.

We will discuss the valuable features of this Microsoft 365 license plan which is highly suitable for large organizations with advanced security as their top-most priority.

⦁ Microsoft 365 business premium subscription plan provides organizations with all the primary features of business standard license plans.

⦁ It includes all office productivity applications, cloud storage services, communication tools, and content collaboration services.

⦁ However, this Microsoft 365 license plan offers advanced threat protection services to organizations through Microsoft Defender.

⦁ For example, banks can activate advanced security tools like Microsoft Defender for extra protection against cyberattacks such as viruses, phishing attacks, ransomware, malicious attacks, brute force attacks, spam, unsafe attachments, and suspicious links.

⦁ Organizations can easily monitor and manage the data and the entire company’s devices such as tablets, computers, and smartphones with Microsoft Intune.

⦁ This advanced security tool allows businesses to decide and apply security policies on the company’s and employees’ devices to protect crucial and sensitive business information.

⦁ In this regard, an organization might wipe or delete confidential business information in situations like stolen devices or accidentally lost.

⦁ Also, Microsoft Intune helps large enterprises like banks to store crucial financial data in secure and approved applications.

⦁ Besides, this business package introduces advanced protection tools that help employees securely access business services and applications from a remote location.

⦁ In addition, modern security functions help organizations protect their employees’ identities by using advanced multi-factor authentication protocols to prevent password theft.

⦁ Microsoft 365 Business premium plan is preloaded with Azure information protection, which will secure and protect sensitive business information in emails and attachments forwarded through emails.

⦁ For instance, banks can utilize the Azure information protection function to limit the copying of sensitive data and sharing of confidential business data.

⦁ Besides, organizations like banks can take advantage of enterprise-grade robust endpoint security tools that give an extra security level that protects against ransomware attacks across various devices.

⦁ For instance, a pharmaceutical company will utilize the Microsoft 365 business premium plan and protect its confidential and sensitive information related to medicine formulas and research papers from illegal access by cybercriminals.

⦁ Apart from the advanced security tools and threat protection services, this Microsoft 365 business package also helps organizations streamline the appointment scheduling process with partners and customers globally.

⦁ In this regard, an organization can utilize Microsoft booking services that simplify the meeting scheduling process with customers.

⦁ For example, the client can quickly check the schedule of the meeting programs of the chief executive officer of multinational companies.

⦁ Afterward, they will find the desired time interval and schedule appointments for meetings seamlessly to discuss innovative business ideas.

In this manner, Microsoft 365 Business premium plan is suitable for large organizations that require robust and advanced security functions with dedicated threat protection tools

Therefore, this Microsoft business package help organizations create a highly secure professional environment to execute essential business operations and simultaneously improve the workforce’s productivity.

Business Standard or Business Premium: Choice Is Yours?

After listing all the features and functions of the Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Business Standard subscription plans, we share our suggestions and recommendations here.

Suppose your organization or business is more concerned about security features and the latest cybersecurity tools; the Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan is the perfect selection for your company. On the contrary, the business premium subscription plan is better compared to Microsoft 365 Business standard plan because of the advanced security capabilities. These cybersecurity tools offer robust protection to businesses against security threats such as phishing attacks, ransomware, malware attacks, hacking, illegal information access, and security policy manipulation.

With all these advanced protection functions, the Business premium license plan offers a secure work environment which is necessary nowadays due to increased cybercriminal activities through the latest technologies. Also, you can opt for Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan if it meets all your primary business requirements.

For the perfect selection of business packages, you can have a detailed consultation with one of the Microsoft Gold-certified partners, which offers customized solutions regarding business packages based on your niche requirements.