Increase Your Instagram Reach – 8 Smart Strategies

Increase Your Instagram Reach

In the past decade, Instagram witnessed a sharp growth in its user base and popularity, mainly because of its user-friendly updates and easy-to-use applications and features. With such a huge user base, it has emerged as a great platform where creators and businesses can attract audiences and enhance their recognition. Businesses have taken a further step to use Instagram for their marketing strategy. They embed Instagram feed and display Instagram widget on their websites and create a link between Instagram and their brand’s website.

With such a huge user base and competition on the platform, it becomes necessary for you that you implement smart strategies that help you gain more attention and eventually helps your business to grow.

The Instagram algorithm boosts your Instagram reach, but sometimes, the algorithm does not work in the favor and decreases your content’s reach. This article will be discussing some creative strategies that you can implement to gather a crowd for your content and achieve a better reach on this platform.

8 Powerful Methods To Boost Your Instagram Reach – Try Now

1. Optimise your content and profile:

The first and initial step to enhance your reach on Instagram is to optimize your profile. It means you should make sure you have a business account with all the contact details of your brand. It increases brand-customer interaction.

Make sure you have your profile optimized for search, which means you have easy to find business name, Instagram handle, and tags.

Another amazing technique to boost the reach is optimizing the content, which means you put appropriate captions, use correct keywords, and use ongoing topics or trends. It will help you to attain more reach and gather more audience

2. Timing is the key

When you upgrade your Instagram profile into an Instagram business profile, it provides great insight into your followers’ accounts.

It helps you identify when your followers are more active or what kind of posts receive more traction, or at what timeframe your target audience remains active on the platform.

It will assist you in two ways. Firstly, when you post at an appropriate timeframe, your followers will be able to view your content. Secondly, the algorithm increases the reach of the content that receives more views and likes in a short time.

Hence, timing is important and holds a key for your reach.

3. Be active

Instagram supports the profile that remains active on the platform and involves in interactions. Staying active not only means posting content but there are also other ways to remain active on Instagram, such as ;

  • You can like the pictures that have your mention on the posts or even comment on them.
  • You give a quick reply to followers’ comments on your post.
  • You can engage with people in a discussion.
  • Explore other brands’ accounts.

All these measures help you to attain a better reach on Instagram. Doing activities such as replying to your followers, thanking them, solving their queries, etc., enhances your reputation as well.

4. Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags

There cannot be a better method other than using hashtags to attain reach on Instagram. Hashtags are the key element for any creator or business to earn more crowd on Instagram. They play a vital role in marketing campaigns as they provide an identity.

To enhance the reach on the platform, make sure that you use appropriate hashtags for your posts and content. You should be well aware of :

  • Trending hashtags: They get a lot of traction.
  • General hashtags: They help to get a broader audience.
  • Industry-based hashtags: They increase the reach within the target audience.

You can even promote your brands by introducing your own catchy and creative hashtag. It helps you create your unique identity and hence, enhancing your recognition amongst people.

5. Use Influencer-marketing

In the past few years, Instagram witnessed tremendous growth in influencers on its platform. Due to this, there was a sudden rise in influencer marketing. Influencers are famous people with have a huge following on social media platforms. You can collaborate with them in the following ways:

  • Collaborate with them for product promotion.
  • Collaborate with them and make them the face of your brand.
  • Provide them with your products from your brand so they can post pictures with them.
  • Collaborate with them on Instagram live sessions.

These influencers bring a huge crowd with them, and hence, it provides a great opportunity for you to market your product better and attain some reach.

6. Interact with your followers

To increase your reach, you should avoid losing your followers. Followers massively increase your Instagram reach; hence, you must hold on to your audiences. You can do so by interacting with them. There are ample ways on Instagram to interact with your audience:

  • You can organize live sessions where you can answer their questions
  • Organize polls
  • Organize – ask me anything sessions.

These activities will also help you to build strong relationships with your followers and learn about recent market trends.

7. Use Instagram features

Instagram started as a mere photo-sharing app but has now transformed into a social media giant with its amazing features. You can use these features, as each feature helps you to attain more audience and ensure fast growth in your Instagram reach. It provides features such as IGTV – which allows you to share long-format videos, Instagram Reels – which allows you to make bite-sized videos, Live – helps to interact with your followers and answer their queries live.

8. Use Geolocation

Instagram provides an amazing gesture to use the location for your post. You can use this feature to get more reach. If an Instagram user searches for a specific location, he will be able to see your account.


Instagram is an amazing platform that helps businesses to establish themselves. By using it smartly and implementing smart strategies, you can extract maximum benefit from the platform. Apart from using its features, you can also use various tools like the Instagram widget to acquire more customers and achieve your business goals.


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