5 Thing Helps to Improve Good Video Conferencing

Improve Good Video Conferencing

During this COVID-19 scenario, almost everybody is working from home. All the meetings or conferences or video callings are taking place online. You have so many video calling applications like Skype, Zoom Google Meet, etc. These apps make your work much easier. When you cannot meet face-to-face you can create a video conferencing by selecting any of these apps.

But what can be done for a good video conferencing experience? Because using certain applications is not enough. You might face various issues while video conferencing is going on. Like network issues or device incompatibility issues etc.

Thus you must master some tricks to avoid any error while you are busy at a video conference.

List of Things to Improve Video Conferencing

In this article, you will learn about various ways to make your video conferencing experience much better than before. You can read about them here one by one.

  • Good Internet Connection:

For a successful video conferencing experience you should first check the internet connection. You should check the connectivity and the rate of speed of your internet. You can do it by visiting the Fast.com or the Speedtest.net websites. They will let you know about the current speed of the internet.

If the internet speed is not good enough then you can try checking the wifi signal with the help of the wifi router.

  • Select a Suitable Background:

The background plays a very important role in video conferencing. You should be very careful while selecting a location and the background before starting video conferencing. Do not sit in a place where there is no proper light. Your face should be clearly visible to the other party for better communication.

Also, you should look for a place with a good background. If you are unable to find one you can hide or blur the current background with the help of the Skype editing feature. If you are working on Zoom you can make use of the Virtual background feature.

  • Download Install and Update HP Webcam Drivers:

In order to be connected with the outside world, Webcams should be installed in your system. They enable the students to attend online classes or the working professionals to attend the Videoconferencing and the rest of people can talk to their friends and relatives face to face online.

To avoid any interruption in Webcam service you should download and install the hp camera drivers in your system. If you already have them you should check if they are outdated or have become old? If they are damaged now you should download the latest version of these drivers. You can select the best driver update free or paid software to update the Webcam drivers. These drivers will automatically scan and identify outdated drivers. Then they download and install the latest version of these drivers on your computer.

With an updated Webcam driver your video conferencing sessions will work smoothly and uninterruptedly.

  • Check the Audio and Video Devices:

It is important that before starting Video conferencing all the audio and video devices should be connected properly. Also, you should make sure that they are working properly. You can also look for the test call service option in the video conferencing app you are using. You will find this option in the Settings menu most probably.

If you are using an app like Skype you can open the Test call service option. You can now click on the Audio and Video option. You will find it in the Preferences option.

  • Proper Focus:

A video conferencing call is as important as meeting in person. You should have a proper focus and attention on the topic of discussion. Also, listen to the other party by maintaining eye contact. You should keep your eyes on the camera.

Do not take advantage of reading WhatsApp chats or a favorite article while you are on a video call. These negligences may spoil your video conferencing sessions. Or you may miss out on something important discussed in the session.


These are some important points that should be kept in mind when you are attending video conferencing. If you are honest enough to follow them it will definitely improve your video conferencing experience. So you can just read this article to help yourself in the near future. Good Luck!