Facts About Freight Shipping Companies

Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is for the physical act of shipping products and commodities by air and land. The word shipping originally referred only to sea shipping but in American English, it has been stretched to also refer to ocean freight shipping and air freight shipping. In international trade, freight shipping in Canada refers to the movement of products from one point to another. This involves a chain of suppliers and shippers that links together various companies that engage in the business of sending or shipping goods internationally. Many goods that are shipped internationally are produced in the United States, European Union, or Japan.
The supply chain involved in shipping provides the logistics support necessary for companies involved in the transport of goods. At the end of the supply chain, there are three main components – the manufacturer or supplier of the product, the transportation company that will deliver the product to the final destination, and the consumer. To ensure the timely arrival of shipments, the manufacturers or suppliers make use of several strategies. For example, they may establish a direct ship-to-market distribution network that links up with logistics providers who will organize the shipment of consignments and finished goods. They may also use temperature control systems to track the temperature of the goods to ensure that the goods reach their customers on time.

Types of Shipments in Freight Shipments

There are three common types of shipments: ocean freight class, air freight class, and truckload. Ocean freight can be sent by ocean liners such as container ships, tankers, and tugboats. On the other hand, air freight can be sent by commercial air carriers or helicopters. A truckload is the most common form of shipment that takes place between two destinations.
All the different types of shipment are broken down into many sub-types. For example, a shipment can be classified as light, medium, or heavy. Heavy means that the cargo is over a certain weight, whereas light and medium mean that the weight is in between light and heavy. The third sub-type is per cubic foot, which means the load is measured based on the weight of the cargo and less than one cubic foot per cubic foot.

Freight Shipping

Solutions of large Shipments

The time-critical nature of the freight shipment is what makes it so important. A small mistake in determining the size of a shipment can result in it being delivered in the wrong quantity or damaged. As a result, shippers often require special handling. Depending on what is required, the shippers can request the shipment be shipped flatbed, fully loaded, or split into several pieces, among other options.

Transportation Methods

The major transportation methods used include air, land, and water. Air transport requires that the shipment be made using the most efficient aircraft for that particular destination. This ensures that the cargo can be delivered in the safest possible manner. On the other hand, land transportation methods include trucking, rail, and monorail, among other methods.

Air Transport and Road Transport

Goods are delivered to their intended destination using air transport or by road. This involves securing the shipment with the right air freight carrier and providing it with the proper protective documentation. On the other hand, a land-based carrier transports goods from one place to another using one of the available methods of transport. One advantage of freight shipping is that it provides for the prompt arrival of goods. Another advantage is that one another companies’ logistics systems can be integrated with that of the company carrying the shipment, thereby reducing costs.
Other common shipments include those that are made through trucks. These typically occur when an importer needs to ship textiles or machinery in large quantities. Truckload forwarding is typically used by manufacturers to ship large amounts of their inventory to importers or distributors.


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