7 Ways to Make Money as a Fitness or Yoga Instructor

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The number of people doing workouts or practicing yoga at home keeps increasing as people find it comfortable at home due to the spread of coronavirus. Whether a fitness instructor or yoga teacher, this period serves as a huge opportunity to start an online studio. The market is vast, and to meet the growing demands, here are ways to make money as a fitness or yoga instructor

7 Ways to Make Money 

1. Start Virtual Fitness or Yoga Studio 

Suppose you are a fitness instructor or yoga instructor running a Fitness studio. In that case, it is always better to start an online fitness studio that helps reach more people beyond borders, and it is the best way to make money as a trainer.

You will be able to reach an audience who haven’t trained with you before, and you can also give special offers for your existing and loyal customers. With this Virtual fitness studio, you can manage more people than in-person training.

The first step is to build online Video streaming platforms for conducting Online fitness or yoga classes. This can be done by approaching a Video streaming platform provider that builds video streaming platforms for video creators.

With this online video streaming platform, you can

Conduct live fitness or yoga instructor sessions online

Upload pre-recorded on-demand content to this platform

For accessing this content, you can charge from your customer in the form of subscription-based or transactional-based

2. Market Fitness or yoga studio online 

The best way to create brand awareness about fitness studios can be done by sharing videos on most social media channels as many people will get to know about fitness or yoga studios. Other ways to reach more people are by writing a blog and sharing it on other blog sites, creating an email list, and offering free trial classes.

If you have a group of audience, then it is better to use these existing audience to tell about fitness programs by word of mouth to other people or by any means of referral program where the existing customer will get some benefits for referring business to others

3. Video Monetization Option 

Choose a Video Streaming platform provider that offers different video monetization options along with that builds world-class video streaming apps and websites because users nowadays expect a better user experience otherwise, they won’t feel like signing up for a subscription.

Video monetization models

Subscription-based: Viewers have to pay monthly or yearly recurring fees to access the video content.

Transaction-based: Viewers can permanently buy a particular video content or rent video content for a particular period.

Advertisement-based: it is entirely free to watch as users have to watch advertisements when streaming through videos. Video creators will get paid by advertising companies for placing their ads in between video content.

4. Build a Fitness or Yoga App

Building an App for your online fitness or yoga studio will make it very easy for people to access content online at any time from any place and on any device. To make this process of building an app easier, it is better to approach an end-to-end Video streaming platform provider that builds an app with full functionality taking care of all frontend and backend work. Making it easier for instructors to handle just by letting them their core that is to create content for virtual classes.

5. Conducting Live Fitness Or Yoga sessions 

Combining both on-demand video content and Live sessions will serve as a marketing tool that helps reach more people. It is noted that live streaming sessions attract more people and, in return, turn non-subscribers into paying customers. Compare with your competitors in the market what they are offering. Give away free trial live sessions as people will get some taste of it.

6. Give them the option to download informative content. 

Fitness instructors can make passive income by allowing users to download certain useful information in PDF like a Workout routine, health tips, diet plans, and fitness journals. Even Non-subscribers, after reading through the article they might be interested in signing up for your fitness or yoga platform

7. Offering Free Trial Session for the particular time period 

Till now, the best way to attract customers to Online fitness apps is by giving them access to the platform free for a particular period. By giving them access to it freely, you can convert them to paying customers once a new user is satisfied with your service and experience. A free trial period can be in the range of 7 to 14 days. Whereas average pricing you can fix for video platform can be $10 for the subscription-based model


Building an online fitness or yoga instructor studio can be created easily with a Video streaming platforms provider. To stand out from other competitors, it is always up to video creators unique world-class content that makes Video platforms stand apart from others, and by this way, you can make money from online fitness or yoga studios.