Digital Menu Boards the Future of Advertising

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Introducing Digital Menu Boards: The Future of Restaurant Advertising

Looking to generate more revenue from your restaurant? Sign & Display Advertising offers the latest in restaurant advertising technology with our Digital Menu Boards. Our high-resolution displays are designed with long-lasting LED backlights that are sure to turn heads in any establishment. Digital Menu Boards also come with powerful software and responsive controllers, making them easy to install and maintain. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you attract new customers with Digital Menu Boards!

How can Digital help you?

With easy-to-use sign software and an end-to-end service package, we make it simple to bring your business to life. But don’t just take our word for it; our digital menu boards were recently voted Best Digital Sign in America by a leading trade publication. Some of our more noteworthy clients include Mcdonald’s, Burger King, and Pizza Hut—just to name a few. Now it’s your turn! Contact us today to get started creating your own high-impact display solution or stop by one of our upcoming exhibitions (links below). We can’t wait to talk shop with you!

Why do you need Digital Menu Boards?

Digital menu boards are a great way to advertise your restaurant, create brand awareness and drive up sales. Your digital menu board will showcase your full menu and encourage people walking by to stop in for a bite. Digital menu boards can also keep your customers informed on specials and encourage them to visit more often. Being able to update your digital menu boards easily makes them a more effective advertising tool than static billboards or posters.

How Does it Work?

Sign & Display Advertising offers a Digital Menu Board solution for restaurants to market their business. Our panels are high-resolution LCD displays with controller and software to manage your menu, specials, happy hour and etc… We can custom design each digital board panel to match your interior decorating needs. Add our wireless 3G/4G high-speed internet option to display daily or weekly promotions that sync with your website so you never have to print a new sign again! You will be able to publish promotional messages, including special prices and happy hours right from our control panel. Digital menu boards give you an edge over other restaurants by utilizing these modern technologies while your competition remains stuck using traditional printed menus.

What Are the Advantages of Digital Over Traditional Options?

When it comes to signs, there’s simply no substitute for quality. Traditional posters and paper menus don’t even compare to digital display options—and here’s why. First, they don’t degrade with time or exposure to weather. Digital displays are rugged and long-lasting—so your message will remain intact over time and throughout all kinds of weather. Digital displays are also easier on restaurant managers, who can quickly make changes when their menu changes (without having to contact a vendor). Finally, digital boards can display high-quality video—meaning you can customize your ads in an effortless way that traditional signs simply can’t match.

What Are Your Options For a Board Today?

There are two primary display types for menu boards. One option is a backlit digital board, which includes a controller and can be linked to your POS system. These boards often consist of an LED background with physical characters printed onto each panel. They offer high-resolution menus and graphics but also have low lifecycles. Digital menu boards are a good fit for sit-down restaurants or any place that has seasonal items on their menus, such as sporting venues, amusement parks, or concert halls; they’re expensive up front but over time will reduce labor costs because updates can be done easily through computer software.

Why Choose A Full-Service Company?

Sign Depot is a full-service advertising company that offers you a range of options to suit your unique business needs. Whether you have one restaurant or hundreds, we can help you create effective signage, menu boards, and advertising methods to reach your customers. Sign Depot has been in business for over ten years, providing professional signage solutions and digital menu boards at an affordable price point. We are so confident in our product that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all products! We will also sign up with any existing maintenance contracts if they already exist with any current providers, as well as provide recommendations on qualified vendors should your current provider not work out. To sum it up – save time and money by calling us today! (847) 444-9988

What Do You Get When You Work With Us?

Display Solutions that Attract Customers and Streamline Staff Efficiency. Digital’s sign menu boards promote your brand and showcase daily specials while also improving customer experience through front counter menu assistance. Lower food waste by displaying accurate time to order and increasing your table turns by easily updated digital display. Increase revenue with our system featuring full graphic customization to include rotating specials, coupons, and announcements for daily or seasonal occasions. Attractive design combined with low energy consumption. Our products are attractive for both internal viewing and outside (dynamic) messaging viewable from inside or out! This is Digital Signage at its finest!

What Is the Payment Structure?

Sign & Display advertising provides a flexible payment structure in which businesses can pay for only what they want when they want it. All contracts come with an initial set-up fee and a fixed monthly charge that includes three main areas: content creation, hosting, and maintenance. Businesses are welcome to request as many signs as they would like from one location at any time with no additional cost or time charges. Additional signs can be added on a monthly basis at $25 each for management and updates. If you would like to know more about our menu board options, please contact us today!

What Do I Need to Begin Installing My New Digital Menu Board(s)?

To get started, you’ll need access to an electrical outlet. Additionally, if you have a sign-making company on your speed dial, give them a call. If not, we recommend checking out FASTSIGNS or Vista Prints. Both offer a variety of affordable options for both digital menu boards and other types of signage. You’ll also need software to power your new sign(s). One popular option is our own Advance Media Platform (AMP), but there are several others on our Solutions page as well. No matter which software solution you choose, it will be made easier with digital menu boards designed by Sign & Display advertising solution and Controller & Software with large screen resolution makes Sign Digital menu boards simply awesome!

What We Do Before Installation Begins

Our team is always involved from start to finish when a sign or menu board installation is underway. With our extensive process, your end product will be nothing less than perfect. That’s why our customers have been coming back for years! We treat each client and each project with as much care as we would treat our own family. We discuss all available options and work hard to make sure you get what best fits your business needs. Our goal is to ensure that you are happy before, during, and after the installation has taken place. Throughout the whole process, we are constantly on-call in case any questions or concerns arise that need immediate attention…no matter how large or small they may be!