Football Safety Tips and Tricks

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Everybody often talks about how great and interesting football is but, what about football safety? No one addresses the injuries it causes. Football is a contact sport that helps the players stay physically active but with large bodies colliding with each other with huge force, it is impossible to avoid injuries. They’re so common and sometimes severe that you might need to take a trip to the emergency room. It can also cause serious brain problems later in life but the recent changes in football training techniques and rules might lower its risk.

Moreover, many parents are worried about their children’s safety while playing football.  However, staying hydrated, wearing the proper gear following the rules during the game can protect them.  You don’t have to always suffer injuries while playing football. That is why MARAT Football Management, a company specializing in taking care of the sporting interest and managing their reputation, provides football safety tips and tricks to prevent football-related injuries. 

Wear a safety gear

Wearing safety gear such as helmets, shoulder pads, and other safety gear helps to lower the risk of injuries. Research about the helmet safety guard determined by the National Operating Committee on Standard for Athlete Equipment. The type of helmet you need depends on the position you play. A good helmet should have a thick layer of padding and its outer shell must be surrounded by hard plastic. 

The helmet facemask must be well secured and produced from coated carbon steel. You should wear a shoulder pad that has a hard plastic shell and thick padding. Other safety gear you might want to consider includes a tailbone pad, knee pad, flak jacket, thigh, and hip pad, padded or non-padded gloves, and mouthguard.

Follow the rules

Although football requires physical prowess, it is important to also follow the rules. Many athletes forget the rules while playing. This is why they are penalized if they do certain things like clipping, helmet-to-helmet contact, tripping, and many more. Because these actions are very dangerous and can cause severe injury for both players. 

Train safely 

Make sure you are in a team that the coaches emphasize fair and safe practices during games and practices. A great coach will limit physical contact during practice and make sure the players are wearing the right protective gear. They will also teach their players playing techniques which include how to tackle and absorb, how to fall safely on the ground when tackled, and many more. The coach also makes sure the player warm-up and stretches out before any practice or game and stops them from playing if they feel any pain, says the founder of MARAT Football

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated helps in regulating the body temperature, boosts mood,  keeps the organs functioning well, improves digestion and sleep quality. You must drink the right amount of water before and after every game and during practices. Water helps transport nutrients to where it is needed in the body. Therefore, dehydration will weaken your body and you will not be able to perform at your highest level. It can also lead to fatigue, dizziness, and other serious problems.  

Listen to your doctor 

Every player wants to know when they can start playing after experiencing a sports injury. This is not necessarily bad but you have to understand it all depends on how severe your injuries are. Always listen to your doctor even if you are desperate to get back on track. Your doctor knows best and will recommend ways to stay fit and recover from the injury. Make sure you follow all your doctor’s recommendations and heal properly before you start laying.