Are you Selecting the right Commercial Builder for your Project?

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When it comes to your commercial or residential project, an integral part of ensuring that it is executed to your specifications, on-time, and within budget is your selection of commercial builders. Unknown to many is the importance of commercial builders to not only the successful execution of a project but also to the efficiency of the entire process. A commercial builder does not just engage in physical labour, he or she is also responsible for communicating with you and suppliers, organising daily tasks at your project’s site and hiring sub-contractors to execute different parts of your projects. Commercial builders have a good chunk of control over your project and thus, you should only hire the one that you are 100% confident in.

How do you know if a commercial building is right for your project? Unless you are very familiar with the construction industry, hiring a commercial building can be confusing and overwhelming for many. This can then lead to the selection of a builder who is not appropriate for your project. To choose the right commercial builder for your project, you must be familiar with the specifications of your project as well as the qualities needed in a contractor. In this article, we’ll provide you with a guide on choosing a commercial builder who is best suited for your project.

How do you find the commercial builder that’s right for your project

Ensure you know the specifics of your project

You must ensure that you are familiar with the specifications of your project. Commercial builders are not built equally. Some may be specialised in small projects while others are masters at large projects. Specialisations can go across size, budget and industry so ensure you know all of these details after all, without knowing what you’re looking for, how can you ever find the right fit? Make sure that you are able to summarise the job scope, including detailed measurements so that your prospective builder can provide you with an accurate quote and a rundown of their capabilities.

Research their experience

In construction, builders only get better with experience. This is why it is absolutely vital that you research and question them about their experience with projects similar to your own. A builder who is experienced in your project’s area will know how to approach the job with efficiency, have access to a team skilled in that area, and be able to contact suppliers and sub-contractors with experience in your construction area.

Select a builder that specialises in commercial construction

A commercial project has different characteristics from a residential project. First, they usually require access to a lot of resources and the coordination of a much bigger team. Additionally, commercial projects are on a much stricter deadline than residential projects, because any time lost, is equal to money lost. Selecting a builder who specialises in commercial projects is extremely important in ensuring that your process is seamless and efficient.

Ensure that they are licensed

Selecting a builder who is licensed and insured is crucial in ensuring that you don’t encounter problems later on. Without a license, you and your company can face lawsuits in the event of injury or damage. Additionally, you may be risking the standards of your project if the builder does not execute it in compliance with the National Construction Code.

Qualities to look for in a commercial builder


A commercial builder will have to communicate with several different parties, including you. Your commercial builder will have to update you on the project’s progress, communicate significant events that occurred on-site and respond to your feedback and requirements. All of this is required to maintain a fluid and progressive process. Without a communicative builder, you may end up with a project that does not meet its specifications.


A commercial builder will have to juggle several different deadlines, parties, a team and requests. It’s important that they know how to organise their site in order to respond appropriately and adapt accordingly to any curveballs.


With any project, there is always the chance of a last-minute request from a client or an unexpected event that requires the commercial builder to come up with an innovative solution. This makes the difference between hiring someone who may execute the project properly or someone who is guaranteed to.

Choosing a commercial builder is tough, especially when you’re not familiar with the industry. We hope that our guide has shed light on how you should go about selecting a commercial builder for your next project. If you’re a commercial builder, then we hope that this gives you insight into what makes for an attractive commercial builder.

Are you in search of a commercial building contractor in Sydney?

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