5 Reasons Buying a Villa in Sharjah is a Wise Decision

villa in Sharjah

Housing several residential communities, Sharjah is a dream destination for anyone looking to own a lavish residence in the UAE. Although Dubai and Abu Dhabi are often considered as top places in the country to live in, Sharjah is on par with them in terms of economic growth, tourist attractions, and popularity. Therefore, if you have preferred this emirate for your new home, rest assured that you have made the right decision.

You can find every type of residential property in this emirate, but if you wish to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, the best choice is to look for a villa for sale in Sharjah. Here are the five most compelling reasons that support this statement:

One of the major reasons why Sharjah makes for a suitable pick for luxury villas is comparatively affordable property prices. When compared to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the living cost in Sharjah is on the lower side. This also includes the cost of buying property. Therefore, even if you do not have a huge capital, you can still land yourself a favorable deal for a villa in this emirate.

Other than that, the option to mortgage property can also help you in this regard. You can make a portion of the total price of the villa as the upfront cost, while the rest of the amount can be paid in monthly installments, depending on the nature of the contract you have signed with the lender.

  • Attractive Designs

You can find villas in Sharjah in attractive designs. Whether your preferred choice is villas having modern architecture or traditional design, you can get listings for them quite conveniently. These housing units are masterfully planned to offer a luxurious lifestyle to residents. Available in an array of options vis-à-vis the number of rooms, villas in Sharjah are spacious, feature splendid interiors, and the façade is appealing as well.

  • Availability of Latest Amenities and Facilities

Apart from having an attractive design, villas in this emirate come with modern amenities and facilities. It is due to the availability of these facilities, villas provide residents with a luxurious lifestyle they have earned a reputation for.

These amenities vary from project to project and community to community. However, some common ones that are found in almost every villa include:

  • Dedicated parking space
  • Swimming pool
  • Lawn
  • Storage/Maid’s room
  • Terrace
  • Advanced security measures

Since villas usually have three or more rooms, you can turn any room into your personal fitness zone where you can get some equipment and work out in peace. Or you can convert the additional room into a mini-theatre. The possibilities are endless. You cannot enjoy these perks if you live in an apartment building.

  • Suitable for Investment Point of View

If you are a new investor and looking for an opportunity to venture into the real estate market, buying a villa in Sharjah can prove to be a wise decision. Depending on the location, you can sell it at higher rates when the time is right. Or you can rent it out to earn a passive stream of income. The ROI will not be as high as it is in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Still, it will give you a solid foundation since the risk is also on the lower side because of the comparatively low cost.

  • Abundant Choices

When it comes to buying villas in Sharjah, there are plenty of choices. As stated above, the emirate nestles in itself several residential communities, each one geared to offer a lavish lifestyle. Some of these communities feature luxuriously designed villas and come laced with state-of-the-art amenities and facilities. Also, most of the villa communities in Sharjah are self-contained. Residents can find every facility nearby, which makes living even more convenient in this emirate.

Here’s a list of communities to choose from if you are looking for villas for sale in Sharjah:

  • Al Ghafia
  • Al Tai
  • Sharqan
  • Al Jazzat
  • Al Azra
  • Hoshi
  • Al Rahmaniya
  • Barashi 
  • Al Suyoh
  • Al Sabkha

Even if you are looking for a villa for rent in Sharjah, you can choose from these communities.

Final Thoughts

All in all, living in Sharjah certainly comes with a lot of perks. This is why many people, even those who work in Dubai, prefer this emirate. They are willing to commute daily between the two emirates for the quaint lifestyle it offers and low living costs.