Questions to ask a Manufacturer when buying Aluminium Windows & Doors

aluminium windows and doors

Are you planning on installing aluminium windows and doors on your property? Not only do aluminium windows and doors need to be manufactured, but they also need to be fitted and installed by a professional.

You have probably spent a great amount of time researching the best types of aluminium windows/doors for your home, chosen the colour and even ordered them from an aluminium door and window manufacturer. However, you might be wondering how the whole process is going to go down. It is simple – hire a professional and leave it to them!

In order to ensure a high-quality and efficient process, we recommend finding a professional for the job and asking them a range of questions to help you make a decision. Aluminium door manufacturers and contractors will provide you with an insight into how the job should be handled, how long it should take as well as other maintenance and warranty procedures.

Here are some questions you should ask your aluminium door and window manufacturer or contractor:

1. What is the average lead time?

Each contractor will have a different answer, as this depends on the season, how busy they are and when they will be able to start working on your project. If the contractor you choose starts the project on-time, they should be able to finish it within a day. If you are in a rush for your project to finish, ensure the contractor you select is available on the date you need and won’t be delaying the process.

2. What preparation am I required to do?

Your aluminium door/window manufacture will be able to advise you on whether you will be required to do any preparation before the installation. Usually, you will have to move furniture and any other items away from the work area. The surrounding area should also be clean for contractors to work.

3. What happens if a structural issue is discovered?

A key challenge that remodelling contractors face is guessing the issues that may be hidden behind the walls. There framing your doors appear to sit on may be damaged by water exposure or insects. These structural defects might be seen once the door or window is removed from the wall during replacement. It is important that the contractor you choose knows how to acknowledge and overcome the issue.

4. What clean-up would be expected?

All construction and installation jobs are usually quite dusty and messy. Installation of your aluminium windows and doors won’t be as messy as a construction site but will still require some cleaning. Different contractors have different ways of handling the final cleaning of their work. Ensure the contractor you choose will clean up the mess and leave the working area in a pristine condition.