A Comprehensive Guide for Jewelry Photography for Instagram

Jewelry Photography for Instagram

Social media has a great impact on business. And Instagram is becoming the trendiest social media platform. We can easily let people know what products we are selling with the help of Instagram. Nevertheless, when it comes to Jewelry Photography, we rely on Instagram because it follows the trend.

Jewelry undoubtedly brings cheek-to-cheek smiles to our faces. But a lot of eCommerce business owners are skeptical about showcasing the jewelry because they feel it is a risky thing to opt for. However, props play a vital role in photographing jewelry.

Please do not get worried. We have chalked out this amazing informative piece of writing. It will definitely help you to upgrade your jewelry photography game. So, without any delay, let us get started.

Equipment Required for Photographing Jewelry 

Here is the required equipment that is required to click while photographing jewelry.


Getting your hand on a good camera is extremely essential, as the beauty of the product will be decided on your camera as well as your photography skills.

Editing Tools

Editing is an essential part of photographing jewelry. At times, it happens that when you click the pictures of a jewelry piece, it reflects light. As a result, spoiling the charm of the jewelry. So, in such a case, editing is required to fix the jewelry. There are good photo editing companies that can beautify your pictures.

Other Props Required to Capture the Pictures of Jewelry

Here are some jewelry photography tips that are required to click on the specific type of jewelry. How to choose Diamond Jewelry and Buying Guide!


While displaying the earrings, please ensure to hang the earrings over a white display board while displaying them. However, you can take help from an earring stand.


When we plan to capture the pictures of the neckpiece, it is advised to have a mannequin wearing it. The reason is it helps the viewers to draw the association between how would the jewelry piece looks when they wear them. Nevertheless, if you feel that having a mannequin might disturb your budget, you can even opt for the necklace stand.


Rings look the best when we keep them over a plain white or black background. But while doing so, place the ring in a tilted way and capture from all angles. However, if your budget allows you, then get help from a model. And let the model wear it and click the pictures.

Bracelets and Bangles

While capturing the bangles and bracelets, please ensure to place them over a solid-colored surface. It enhances jewelry’s beauty. Other than this, you can even take help from the props. There are bangle stands available; you can seek help from them.

Camera Settings for Photographing Jewelry

There are certain camera settings that need to be adopted before opting for jewelry photography. So, let us familiarize ourselves with them.


While conducting jewelry photography, it is necessary to adjust the aperture. The main task of the aperture is to control the amount of light entering the camera. However, it is suggested to keep the aperture at F8. The reason to do so is that it helps in keeping the objects focused. But please do not forget to adjust the brightness according to the room.


ISO deals with the camera to click bright or dark photos as per the requirement. It is suggested to set the ISO from 100-300. The reason to do so is to provide a smooth touch to the pictures of the jewelry piece.

Tips to Ace Your Jewelry Photography Game

Let us broaden our understanding of jewelry photography tips  

A Classic White Backdrop

It is an understood fact that when we do not want any distractions. So, to avoid any distractions, you can opt for the classic white background. It does not deviate from the focus of the viewers. So, a classic white backdrop is suggested to enhance the beauty of the jewelry. It also serves as a reflector, thereby making the jewelry look appealing.

Getting the Hand on a Tripod

No one wants to look at the hazy pictures, as they lack clarity. However, keeping the camera stable is an essential element of capturing wonderful pictures. A tripod helps in getting stable shots. So, while planning to click the pictures of jewelry, please do not forget to rely on a tripod. As we place the camera on the tripod, it keeps it stable, thereby giving wonderful shots.

Clean the Jewelry

It is one of the important yet most neglected aspects of dealing with jewelry photography. Nobody would want to look at hazy pictures, so it is recommended to clean the jewelry properly before clicking its pictures.

Click Various Shots from Various Angles

When you click the pictures from one angle, it just focuses on one side of the jewelry—making the viewers aware of only one side of the jewelry. That is why to give a clear perspective of the jewelry; it is advised to clear the pictures

Do Not Forget to Edit the Photos

Editing is necessary for terms of photography. At times, when we click the pictures, some unwanted objects come into the picture. Or sometimes, the pictures become blurry and are not up to the mark. In such a situation, the need for editing comes into play. With the help of editing, the pictures become flawless and fetch maximum customers.

Closing Words on Photographing Jewelry for Instagram

We hope this guide to upgrading jewelry photography might have been of great help to you. So, next time when you plan to click the jewelry pictures, you can seek help from this informative piece of write-up.

However, please do not forget to edit the pictures to make them look perfect. But if you are confused about how to manage the editing part, then you can get in touch with a reliable company that offers the best jewelry photo editing services.


  1. I like following celebrities on Instagram. And lately I have become interested in photography. I’m glad I found useful tips on the website and learned about useful tools for photo editing. Now I know how to adjust the color or, for example, enlarge a photo while maintaining the quality of the image.