Top Tips to Take Care of Dental Implants

dental implants

Gone are the days when you had to sit back at home and brood over a broken tooth or a tooth gap. With the evolution of medical science, today, having a tooth gap or a broken tooth is not a problem. You have the dental implant treatment to get it corrected. However, with many dental implant clinics available all around, it is a difficult deal to pick one and discard the rest. Of all places, we recommend you to reach out to Turkey’s clinic to get dental implants for obvious reasons.

Indeed, roaming around with a tooth gap or having a broken tooth is not just disgusting to look at, but also affects your self-confidence. There comes a time, when you keep yourself away from the public. In short, you shy away from your friends. This results in transforming you into an unsocial creature. However, the experts of medical science have understood this concern and have come up with dental implant treatment.

In dental implant treatment, the dentist or dental surgeon measures the tooth gap and manufactures an artificial tooth. This artificial tooth is then made to sit on top of an abutment. The whole structure is fixed in the tooth gap. Indeed, there are several implant service providers. But it is truly challenging to pick one and discard the rest. The teeth implants in Turkey are of good quality and affordable. Therefore, you can be sure to not get a burn in your pockets.

How to Take Care of Dental Implants?

Now that you have an idea about the dental implants and the place from which you can get them done, now it is time to pay attention to the methods that you need to follow to ensure that they last long. Although dental implants in Turkey cost are more affordable than those in European countries, you will want them to last long. However, if you can take proper care of them, they will last longer.

Given below are the steps that you need to follow to take care of the dental implants:

  1. Ditch Hard Bristle and use a Soft Nylon Brush

Remember, an implant is a surgery inside your mouth on the gums. So, you have to be careful right after the surgery. In many cases, dentists suggest that patients change their toothbrushes right after the surgery. Right after the surgery, your gums remain swollen for some time. Also, there is redness in and around the affected region. Therefore, it will not be possible for you to use a hard brush and brush aggressively. Besides, doing so will cause bleeding and can let the implant come out of its place.

  1. Say no to Abrasive Products

Right after the surgery, your dentist will suggest you some dental products that are not abrasive. The reason behind this is abrasive products used right after dental surgery can enhance the sensation of the tooth. Already there is a bout of pain issued from the surgery. You certainly don’t want to experience a lot of discomfort right after surgery. Also, another point is to be highlighted here. Strictly avoid using toothpaste or mouthwashes that have flavors like cinnamon, mint, and the like added to them. All of these can make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

  1. Regular Flossing is a Must

With 16% of Americans flossing regularly, 84% of them are still left. The dentists suggest flossing every day for obvious reasons. Irrespective of the age group to which you belong, whatever you eat, some particles of the food get in between your teeth. It is very important to take them out. Else, they may lead to the development of a cavity and cause bad breath. Accumulation of cavities and plaques in and around your teeth implant can lead to damage. In certain cases, the dental implant even comes out of the spot.

  1. Stay Away From Hard and Sticky Food

Eating hard and sticky food right after dental implant surgery is impossible. The dentists in the dental implant clinics of Turkey set some rules for patients who have undergone dental implant surgery. Among these set of rules, one of them is to stay away from hard and sticky food. This is because the sticky food might get stuck in between your teeth which may be difficult to take out. On the other hand, the hard ones are difficult to bite and require more pressure. This can lead to blood oozing out from the gums.

  1. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

When you undergo any general treatment, the doctor generally asks you to stay away from smoking and drinking. Since this is a dental implant treatment, you will surely want to ensure that your new set of teeth or tooth does not get ruined. Both drinking and smoking have the possibility to stain your teeth. So, it is suggested to stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.

  1. Visit the Dentist at Regular Intervals

When you are undertaking a teeth implant treatment, your dentist or dental surgeon will surely advise you to pay a visit to him the next time. Since dental implants are artificial tooth structures, they are sure to get affected after a certain point in time. These issues of a dental implant cannot be seen by laymen. Therefore, it is suggested to visit your dentist at an interval every six months. Also, this will help you to detect the problem at an early stage.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Above all, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must. Health is above all else. If you are spending a day in poor health, you will surely not be able to focus on your professional life. Toothaches and gum pains along with bleeding can make you stay back at home. If you want to avoid such untoward circumstances, it is best to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Now that you are aware of the steps that you need to follow to retain healthy implants, it is time to start practicing the habits now. The earlier you start, the better benefits will you get. Also, if you are facing any trouble with your implants, do not hesitate to run to the dentist immediately.