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Christmas is a Christian celebration that occurs once a year in December. Countries like Canada celebrate Christmas and are always in a joyful mood from December till the new year. Canada’s celebration is not different from other countries, but it has added its touch over the years. This makes the Christmas celebration in Canada a unique experience. As December 25, which is Christmas day, draws near, workers take leave from work in preparation for the holiday. There is also a public holiday that starts on the eve of December 24. The holiday ends on December 26, which is Boxing day. Canadians like Hershey Rosen enjoy Christmas while snuggled up at home with their family. Hershey Rosen is a businessman who deals with technology and startup companies. Hershey has created many businesses from scratch, and he is a successful man known in the business world.

Canadian Christmas Traditions

Food and Exchange of Gifts

Food and Exchange of Gifts


Canadians surely love their Christmas decorations and food. When it is Christmas, it is normal to see a Christmas tree inside the house light up with bright lights. The tree is decorated with Christmas decorations like bells, stockings, and so on. At the base of the tree, there are wrapped gifts that will be exchanged later when the family converges.

And when it is Christmas morning, Canadians like Hershey Rosen cook food to feed their family and other loved ones. Traditional Canadian Christmas foods are gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetables that are in season, and roast turkey. This is then followed by desserts which are, fruit cake, tarts (mincemeat), crackers, and Christmas puddings made of plums.

Then the day after Christmas, which is Boxing day, people leave their houses to shop in the malls.



Canadians don’t let the snow deter them from traveling during the Christmas period. Many residents like Hershey Rosen go to the south or other regions to enjoy the weather there. So if you’re interested in traveling on Christmas day, you can take a flight to your desired destination. Additionally, there is public transportation for those who wish to travel by road or rail.

The Best Places to Enjoy Christmas in Canada


The first place on the list is Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Toronto is a city known for its industrialization and commercialization. Furthermore, traveling to Toronto is cheap, even during the festive seasons. However, due to its popularity, Toronto attracts lots of tourists, both local and international, especially during the holidays.

Toronto Christmas Events

Toronto Christmas Events

Casa Loma: Casa Loma is an event that is inspired by Gothic styles in the olden days. The Casa is lit up with colorful lights which brighten on Christmas day and night.

Market events: Toronto organizes market events every year. This event begins on the first day of December and ends on December 22. This event takes place in the market, where several displays of Christmas-related things are on show. There is music, bright lights, food, and other forms of entertainment.

Flower shows: Two flower displays occur at the Centennial Park and Allan Gardens Conservatory from December to January. A huge amount of different flowers are on display in both places.

Light Cavalcade: This is an event that begins on November 28 and till Christmas day. What happens is that a Square called Nathan Phillips has a famous Christmas tree that is illuminated for all to see. Entertaining activities like fireworks, musical shows, and so on are part of the show.


Montreal is a city in Quebec, a French-speaking region of Canada. The city is a beautiful one that comes to life at Christmastime. Just like Toronto, Montreal organizes Christmas events filled with fun, music, food, and celebrations. Hershey Rosen recommends Montreal to people interested in visiting Canada.

Montreal Christmas Events

Hershey Rosen Canada Christmas

Holiday Alley: This Alley is located in Old Montreal, Montreal. The Alley is decorated with Christmas items that will let you feel the spirit of Christmas. The entity responsible for this activity is The Pepin Shop. Visitors to the Alley can enter the shop to buy presents they wish to give out.

Victorian-themed Show: There is an old Victorian house at the National Historic Site of Sir George-Etienne Cartier. The organizers decorate the house using a Victorian-era style Christmas decoration. In addition, visitors can attend classes to make Christmas cards themselves and share the cards with their loved ones.

The Merry Events: This is a three-week event that occurs in December. There are free activities like musical shows for visitors to enjoy during the season. And if you wish, you may stay or come back to participate in the New Year’s event. The event will take hold at the Old Port, Old Montreal. When you are going, ensure you dress in warm clothes to keep the cold at bay.


In a nutshell, Canada’s Christmas traditions are observed every year. Christmas in Canada usually falls in winter, when snow falls. Everywhere while being white, shiny, and cold. Hence, Canadians call Christmas white Christmas. “As per tradition, every city in Canada transforms from a normal area,” says Hershey Rosen. They change to bustling cities filled with Christmas decorations and celebrations.


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