Find the Best Bidet Shower

Best Bidet Shower

Bidet showers are very similar to that kitchen sink sprayers. It is used to clean oneself after defecation. They are convenient in a way to those who like the traditional method of cleaning with water instead of tissue paper.

Sanitary Bidet Showers

Bidet showers are primarily attached to the toilet seat and they take water from the main source of water supply or the sink. According to many Doctors, it is much better to clean the genitals with water because they are more hygienic and can cause very little chance of infection. Especially during the times of the unprecedented health crisis the world is facing, we need to be extra conscious and have to take care of ourselves. Thus, we can clearly sort out bidet showers under sanitary products.

Things To Keep in Mind

There are certain things to keep in mind while using a bidet shower. You have to have a close observation while handling the shower. Here are few points that have to be noted

  1. Leakages- There can be leakages from the side of the bidet showers often if the quality of the product is not that good. Hence you have to be extra careful while handling that shower. Keep a regular check on the bidet showers and opt for maintenance as and when required.
  2. The key- While fixing you should check if there is a key for the adjustment of the water supply. If yes, then you can adjust the water supply as and when required if not then there can be a big problem. You should opt for the key when choosing the bidet shower or else it will lead to a huge problem and unnecessary wastage of water at times.
  3. Iron Guard- while buying it, make sure you buy a bidet shower with an inbuilt iron guard because in certain parts of India the amount of iron content in water is so high that it can destroy the plumbing system totally. Accumulation of iron can cause severe damage to the bidet showers.
  4. The nozzle- while buying make sure the nozzle is hard enough so that it does not come out or break from the nozzle anytime soon. You can check the hardness and the durability and can go through the reviews so that you can get the maximum out of it.
  5. The shower system- Check if the bidet shower comes with a proper or correct number of holes to pour the water or not. You can always make sure that the amount of water coming out of it is correct for you once you check it.

These are the points that you should keep in mind while you are purchasing or maintaining a bidet shower. These are some of the basic reasons why you should go for some of the good brands like Shattaf toilet bidet sprayers. Good brands will always have these minimal things on point and should make sure their customers have a good impression of their product.


Is the bidet shower spray easy to use? Are they hygienic? There had been a lot of questions regarding the usability of the toilet sprayers and how they work. Well, it is not that difficult. You can easily hold the nozzle and give a light pressure on it so that it opens up and the water is spilled. However, you have to be careful while pointing the nozzle towards the things because the water comes out with great force and it can wet everything that’s in the bathroom including clothes and other electronic goods as well. Hence you have to be careful enough while using the sprayers.

Once you apply some pressure the water comes out swiftly and you can clean yourself easily.


Is it high maintenance good? Does it require a lot of care?

According to us, it isn’t high maintenance good like a very costly car but it requires some amount of lookout always. You have to check if the pores are getting closed by dust or any particles that are in the water and you have to keep a look if the iron is damaging your plumbing system or not. If you have attached the sprayer from a considerably big branded company then chances are there that the maintenance cost does not lie heavy upon you.


The above article gives you the information about toilet bidet sprayers and these points will help assist you to buy the best bidet sprayer. In case you are still wondering which one you should opt for, we will tell you to go for the Shattaf toilet bidet sprayers that are durable and long-lasting as well as run on low maintenance.