What is the difference between dedicated server and AWS?

Dedicated and AWS

Today in this digital era, most companies or startups are shifting to a digital platform. Whether the shift is slow or fast-paced, it is their dedicated server and AWS.

Today dedicated servers and AWS have become almost the absolute necessity for most of these companies. Let’s take a real-world example to understand this better.

If you own a company and you are growing in terms of sales and market share or by any other means, and you need yourself to go more with your digital footprint.

Then you most likely are to land upon the conclusion of buying or leasing yourself a server. This server can be a dedicated server or an AWS server as well.

These are the two major types of servers that are quite famous for their use types.

So first of all, we should discuss what these servers are and how they function so that we can find out how different these servers are from each other.

And which server will be the best suited for your particular use case.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server

The first server in our list is the Dedicated Server. A dedicated server is a server which is specifically made for you on your demand.

This type of server is also prebuilt in some of the scenarios, but this is fairly rare.  It is a physical server designed for you and this is put to use only by you until you take the subscription or fees.

These dedicated servers are located in data centers. Most of the dedicated servers are made on the demand of the customer. Dedicated servers are like normal home computers. The only difference of being much more powerful and utilitarian.

These servers are specifically made to endure very heavy working situations.

On the other hand, if you go for our second option, which is AWS. Then that is also a famous and useful service as well.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It constitutes a lot of services. AWS is one of the world’s most comprehensive services. It is a broadly implacable cloud platform as well.

AWS provides more than 200 different types of fully-featured services around the world. It has its data centers situated all over the world.

And the list of its services also includes servers as well as much more. AWS in comparison to dedicated servers uses a billing method for its customers.

If you want to use AWS all you need to do is to go and sign up to use its services. Then you will only pay for the services you use.

AWS provides much more services than any of its competitors. Choosing AWS is a right decision but sometimes the Dedicated Servers are better in comparison.

So, let’s talk about some of the major differences between a dedicated server and AWS.


When we talk about the expansion ability of both of these servers, they both are good and reliable when it comes to their expansion.

If you want your dedicated server’s expansion, then you simply need to contact your provider. Generally, your provider will increase your dedicated server’s capacity quickly.

It does not take a lot of time. In fact, it is much quicker and happens within an hour.

On the other hand, AWS is also quick when it comes to expansion. But every additional service takes an additional charge in AWS.


Talking about the infrastructure of both the servers, they both require you to set up your server according to your needs.

When it comes to dedicated servers, you just need to tell your provider the number of uses you will be doing on the server and the rest will be taken care of by your provider.

Whereas AWS requires you to tell the exact number of resources you will need.

This sometimes becomes difficult as not many people know about the server hardware.


Dependability is one of the major topics which people worry a lot about.

If you sever is not dependable even if it is cheap then it’s a waste of money. But to your surprise, both the dedicated servers and AWS servers perform well in this category.

Dedicated servers are reliable as any sort of hardware or software problems get their fix quickly without any delay by the providers.

Whereas AWS is a cloud-based system so if any cloud server goes down there are others to take its place.

Response Time

Response time is a thing which is generally based on the geographic situation of your area.

And the server location and distance from the user matters a lot too. But overall generally dedicated severs tend to give better response times as compared to AWS systems.


Talking about the cost of these two solutions, these both are not cheap solutions. But when we do the in-depth comparison, it turns out that AWS is comparatively more expensive than dedicated servers.

This is due to the additional cost of every service that you take while getting an AWS server. This is beneficial in many circumstances but is costly as well.


If we talk about overall the better option if depend on many factors like cost and reliability.

And both the services are majorly big variables when comparing these services. These things tend to change depending on the use case of the user’s location as well.

The expansion ability is very good for both the options whereas AWS sometimes tends to be on the pricey side.

Talking about the infrastructure it is good in both scenarios, but to set up your infrastructure in AWS you need to be quite a bit knowledgeable about the server hardware and related stuff.

The response time seems to be a bit low on the dedicated server-side but it changes according to the user’s location and server distance. Overall you need to keep in mind all the factors before choosing any one of these.