My Necromancer Class Novel- A Must Read

My Necromancer Class Novel

My Necromancer Class is a popular light novel by Aero182 that covers the genres of fantasy, action and adventure. My Necromancer Class is a novel that every reader should add to their TBR pile. Thank you to the clever mix of adventure, fantasy, necromancy, and video game atmosphere, you’ll be right in the middle of the action.

The characters are compelling because of how constructed they are and because they develop and grow throughout the story. Aero’s My Necromancer Class contains a mystery plot unique among novels.

You want to keep reading because it is compelling and interesting. We recommend reading it, especially since the adventure is not over yet.

You do not have to be a great video game fan to enjoy this narrative; in fact, the novel’s relationship with video games is an asset that will only deepen your understanding of the characters.

My Necromancer Class Novel: Overview

The main character of the novel My Necromancer Class is a young man named Jay Hart. Jay is a teenage butcher child living on the edge of a magical land. He finds himself on an extraordinary adventure on his magical journey. It is a matter of life and death. As in video games, Jay must build his character, increase his vitality, learn new abilities and fight against the enemies that want to destroy him.

The recurring themes of hiding information and intrigue will keep you on edge all the time and immersed in this narrative, due to the original setting, the strange animals and the magical components.

You can discover all the available chapters online, as well as the author’s notes, if you read My Necromancer Class regularly. The author, Aero182, is constantly reviewing the chapters to correct any errors and improve the reading experience for all book fans.

My Necromancer Class Novel – The Storyline

Jay Hart wakes up on the first day of his class full of optimism. Nothing would please him more than to quit his job as a butcher and finally become a researcher. Jay is sure that he will take a swordsmanship course, since he has always worked with knives, but it seems that the world has other ideas about him.

On the seventh day of the seventh month, after failing to touch the mana conduit in the Adventurer’s Guild, he discovers that he is a necromancer – someone who has the power to resurrect the dead and use them in battle. Suddenly he realizes that he has spent his whole life slaughtering dead animals, and that being a necromancer really makes sense to him.

Our protagonist quietly makes progress, leaving his conflicts to the dons. He manages to create even more powerful beings that help him as the novel progresses. Together with Anya, he fights creatures and learns new healing and restorative abilities that increase his stamina and vitality.

Unfortunately, Jay finds that the whole world sees him as a danger and wishes him doom. Therefore, he embarks on a mission to make full use of his magical abilities to change the course of the universe.

Main characters of My Necromancer Class Novel


Jay is the main character of the My Necromancer Class novel. He is an orphaned butcher who lives a quiet, humdrum life in a small town. His adventure transforms him from a weak man into a strong man and makes him realize that he can only rely on himself.

He lies and intrigues to rise in rank, and shows no mercy to creatures or enemies without batting an eye.

On the day of his class’s awakening, when Jay turns eighteen, he eagerly seeks out the Adventurer’s Guild to touch the mana conduit and initiate his class into a brand new life as adventurers. His lack of luck keeps him from using the magical powers of the crystal to pass the test.

Fortunately, the next day he finds out that he is a necromancer and can use his power to revive the dead and command them to fight creatures in his name. The protagonist of Aero’s My Necromancer Class is on a mission to become a powerful person and dispel the fear that he is a danger to the entire planet.


Anya is the crossbow-wielding daughter of Michael, the head of the Adventurer’s Guild. Together with Jay she takes on the monsters, and she is strong, beautiful and clever.

Jay doubts her talents at first and worries that she might be cheating on him or that Michael is secretly using him to help Anya rise.

When it comes to training and fighting the monsters, Anya has Jay’s back and even gives him helpful advice that will lead to victory.


Bertram is a tall, elderly, slovenly merchant who eats like a king and deals in weapons. Most of the time he offers useless weapons at inflated prices and hides the magical, practical blades from the eyes of the customers. When Jay locates the real, practical weapons and acquires some of them, he is able to call his bluff.

Hess, a slave owned by Bertram, is bound by a quintessence contract that binds his soul to Bertram for the duration of his life. The contract even forbids him to commit suicide, otherwise he would have to serve Bertram in the afterlife.

Interesting chapters from My Necromancer Class Novel

Chapter 4

Jay’s first experience in a dungeon is described in Chapter 3 of My Necromancer Class: Although he had not yet registered his class with the guild because he was absent the previous day when the mana conduit needed to be touched, it was almost as if he had taken on his first official duty as an adventurer.

As soon as Jay learned that he had been assigned the necromancer course, he went outside to practice his newly acquired skills on a rotting rat he had discovered in an alley. However, Jay went to the Stinkrat Swamp Dungeon at this time.

In this dungeon, he fought numerous giant rats and used magic to destroy them, increasing his rank in the Necromancer class. He then brought their bones back to life to create masterful undead monsters. After killing each rat, he took its fur, tail, and other valuable pieces with him to sell when he returned to the hamlet.

Chapter 12

In this section of My Necromancer Class Novel, Sullivan, the guild leader, has his first encounter with Jay. He had seen Jay once before, when he was in training, and found that although he had already reached level 5 in the necromancy class, he was not a registered adventurer.

He later called Jay into his office at the guild and wanted to know why the man had not shown up for registration. Jay then told him about the incident with the carriage and the wealthy brat.

When Sullivan asked Jay to name his class and discipline, Jay told the truth, claiming to be an ordinary swordsman of the melee discipline.

Sullivan, an experienced guild master, knew Jay was lying and asked him to touch the mana line. Jay agreed, and when he did, the conduit finally revealed Jay’s special class, that of necromancer.

Final Thoughts

My Necromancer Class novel is a fantastic work that draws the reader in with every turn of the page. The tale of an adventure that transports the reader into a realm of fantasy and magic serves as an escape from the ordinary tasks of everyday life and a wake-up call to the reader’s reality.