Google New Office, a Homage to Montreal

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Google, a giant tech firm, has been opening branches in various states in many countries. One of its latest moves is the opening of a new office in Montreal, Canada. It is a combination of Montreal’s boroughs thematically. A staff of Google who works in Montreal said that the workers at the Montreal branch are happy to celebrate this new achievement. The office has more space than the previous ones. People in the I.T sector like Hershey Rosen approved this move as it signifies new things to come.

Hershey Rosen is an experienced entrepreneurship expert in the field of technology. He is the founder of many startups, and several firms have used his help to get clients and make a profit. Hershey has enabled many people with the professional skills they need to be successful in the I.T and business world.

About the New Office

The office space called Viger can be found in Montreal, and it is focused on sustainability. This can be seen by the pledge Google made to create technology that will improve the ecosystem. Google further pledged to train people in digital skills.

According to an employee, this is not the first Google office in Quebec. This is because Google has been in the region since 2004. At that time, only three workers shared a small workspace. However, Google has come a long way and has grown exponentially. Now, the newly established office has more space to accommodate more than ten workers.

The employee further said that many teams will use the office to produce important Google services and products. Some of these services and products include research on Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, cyber security, and Chrome.

Why Montreal?

Montreal is a city full of opportunities and talents. It is known to be a medley of neighborhoods due to the unique identity of each neighborhood. Google designed its new workspace in a retro design that integrated the beauty of all of Montreal’s neighborhoods. From the entrance of the building right to the last room inside Google’s new office, Google outdid itself. You can see the beauty of Montreal in them. The building is a blend of historic neighborhoods in architectural details with a traditional feel to them.

Features of the New Office

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Anybody that walks into the company can feel how vibrant and alive the new office feels. There are also decorative items that represent the different ethnic groups in Montreal. And what’s more, the office is built with sustainable materials and follows sustainability rules and regulations. This means that the office is well-ventilated with enhanced materials that save energy. Additionally, the furniture, finishes, and other decorative items used are made of sustainable materials.

Furthermore, Hershey Rosen said that you can find curated artworks from notable artists, including street artists, indigenous artists, and many more. Each artwork depicts the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the artists. The reason why the artworks are there is to serve as a reminder for the workers to appreciate the different cultures present in Montreal. In addition, Google pays homage to the indigenous people of Montreal by giving indigenous names to some rooms in the building.

Did Google Take Permission Before Using the Indigenous Names?

Before Google officially used the names, they consulted the nearest Mohawk community members. Google requested the help of a Mohawk native to make sure they got the names right. This is a form of showing respect for the cultures and traditions of the Mohawk people.

Where to Find the Office

It is located in Viger Ouest precisely at 425 avenues, Montreal. There, you will find many brilliant and dedicated workers working diligently while loving their work at the same time. If you’re interested in visiting, you can find the address on Google Maps, as the office is listed on Google Maps. Just turn on your location and the digital map will direct you to the office.

The Aftermath of the New Office Reveal

Google has had a great impact on the world, something which wouldn’t be forgotten easily. The office in Montreal isn’t only useful for those in Montreal alone. The products and services developed there will benefit Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and the rest of the world.

Similarly, Google has promised to stay committed to serving humanity and the Montreal community. It went on to provide the fund and environment needed to produce sustainable technology.


Finally, the new office is a welcome development. It is especially so for those old employees who were there when Google first started in Quebec. These employees are glad about Google’s growth and expansion over the years. The Montreal workers won’t have to squeeze into a cramped space as they did. Nevertheless, the old employees appreciated the years spent in that cramped space. Their appreciation stemmed from the many great things they achieved despite the tiny workspace. They are proud of building software tools on a global scale that has been beneficial to millions of people.

Hershey Rosen hopes that the employees in the new office will follow in the footsteps of the old Quebec employees. He enjoins them to adequately make use of the improved resources at their disposal.