NextGen EMR – Top Features and Medical Specialties

Nextgen EMR

NextGen EMR

NextGen EMR Systems is a high-quality health information technology system for medical practices searching for an extensive healthcare software package that includes electronic health records (EHR), practice management, and revenue cycle management (RCM) services. The system is tailored to meet the demands of medical practices of various sizes, and it covers more than 25 medical specialties. ONC-ATCB and ICD-10 certifications are available for the NextGen EMR system. A lot of NextGen reviews talk about its outstanding features.

NextGen EMR Software operates in a completely HIPAA-compliant environment, and the EMR software allows doctors to obtain Meaningful Use certification. This might be the solution you require if you’re a small to mid-sized practice seeking a cheap corporate EHR system. In this piece, we are going to talk about the top features and medical specialties supported by NextGen EHR. However, to know NextGen pricing, please schedule a NextGen demo.

Top Features of NextGen EHR Software


Interoperability is one of NextGen software’s most important characteristics. Other EMRs and health data systems can be connected to the EMR system. You may collaborate with institutions and other medical professionals that aren’t utilizing NextGen because of this interoperability. NextGen EMR Solution also allows you to safely link to statistics and lab information. The EMR also integrates with a variety of different healthcare systems and data management solutions, making it easier to collaborate.

Automation of Important tasks

With NextGen EMR Systems, the time-consuming task of retrieving client data is no longer required. You could immediately type in the essential facts when enrolling a new client using the platform’s real-time insurance eligibility verification. With the NextGen EMR program, you can seamlessly fill in the physician’s address, birth date, policy number, and other critical details. NextGen can also create a patient chart based on information provided by the insurance provider.

Telehealth Solutions

Telehealth is another important aspect of NextGen EMR, which allows you to discuss and manage your clients electronically. You could schedule an e-visit, a remote work meeting between you and your client, utilizing YourHealthFile, NextGen EMR, and the client portal. The online meeting can be held through teleconference, phone, or webchat. Another advantage of Telehealth is that it is affordable and simple to set up.

You can see if this capability enables your clients to interact and make payments through online payment processing partners during the NextGen EMR demo. Furthermore, this capability improves safety and allows people who are unable to visit due to a health situation, age, or region to do so.

Billing and Reporting

You can handle the whole client visit process in one location with NextGen EMR, from booking to invoicing and paying. You could also use the built-in reporting and monitoring features to track key performance indicators and improve the efficiency of your organization. NextGen also helps you handle pending accounts receivables and detects any code mistakes, helping you to operate more efficiently practice.

Top 3 Medical Specialties Supported by NextGen EHR


Specialty practices, such as ophthalmology, are at the forefront of our country’s care. Too often, employees and supplies are overworked. Smart solutions, like a cloud-based medical and billing system with mobile access, make it simpler to offer the greatest quality of treatment while also improving the client and provider encounter.

Make life easier for your clinic and your clients with a single comprehensive system that includes specialty-specific EHR material, a user-friendly client portal, and a revenue-cycle management solution.

With NextGen EMR, you can get more done in less time. Complete important clinical duties swiftly and simply, document client interactions more accurately, boost net collections, avoid rejections, and minimize days in AR. Your ophthalmology firm might save big bucks depending on the expertise of several NextGen Healthcare customers. Digital eligibility checks, automatic charge production, and customizable, programmed coding rules are all available to you. Throughout business hours and technical downtime, automate billing, report, and claims operations. Accelerate client check-ins using NextGen EHR Software to save time.

With a system that covers all elements of eye care, such as ophthalmology practices, health centers, eyeglasses shops, outpatient surgical centers, and retina care centers, you’ll have more freedom. These services are adaptable to your requirements, whether you’re a solo practitioner, a major corporation, or a private equity group wishing to merge many ophthalmology operations.


NextGen’s specialty-driven, cloud-based EMR system is designed to boost income, medical results, and customer happiness. Osteopathy templates and interfaces make it simple to document, satisfy regulatory standards, and treat clients at the point – of – care. On your iPad or iPad Mini, you may touch, speak, or write a comprehensive SOAP note with NextGen osteopathic EHR. You could start charting from anywhere in the world digitally. Using a tablet to chart at the point of treatment not only improves productivity but also improves doctor-patient interaction. For practices of any size, this EHR for osteopathic medicine provides inexpensive, safe, web-based osteopathy practice administration and claims clearinghouse services. You could use the program from any computer with an internet connection.

Osteopathic practitioners are continuously striving to fulfill the government’s ever-increasing list of standards. We built osteopathic medicine EHR systems in collaboration with osteopathic practitioners to assist them to satisfy these demands.


In addition to assisting clients and offering symptom treatment, efficient gastroenterology practice requires proper business administration. Your organizational load should be reduced thanks to technology. Clients must be given the opportunity to participate in their care. As practice expenses grow, revenue cycle management (RCM) becomes increasingly important.

NextGen EMR is an end-to-end EMR/EHR and practices management platform that is interconnected. Simplify operations by customizing gastroenterology-specific content templates using NextGen EMR. Both features are completely connected to your EHR and allow you to record by smartphone to save time, assess clients, and give assistance via virtual visits.

Final Words!

This in-depth examination of NextGen EMR Systems will help you make the best option for your clinic. Because each medical specialty is unique, it has its own set of criteria. Make a list of your requirements in advance. You may also schedule a NextGen EMR demonstration to evaluate if the program is a good fit for your needs. We also suggest checking out a few NextGen EMR reviews to have a better understanding of the product from the perspective of current users.