5 Herbal Supplements to ease Seizure

Herball supplements to ease seizure

People living with seizures find it challenging and difficult to deal with them. Then comes the problem of finding the right treatment and cure as people respond to treatment differently. And although medications tend to do a good job of managing the illness, patients tend to develop resistance to them over time. Hence, reasons many have dive into the world of supplements and herbs as alternatives to the treatment of seizures. 

Over the centuries, herbs have been the most sought-after for seizure treatment even before modern medicines were developed. They have been proven to be effective and have helped many to better manage the disease. However, these herbal supplements lose scientific backing and not much can be said about the side effects. This means these herbal treatments have not been tried and tested in a controlled way and there is not enough proof that most can successfully treat seizures and epilepsy. However, they are worth giving a try. 

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Lily of the valley

This woodland flowering plant is not only known for its sweet scent but has been used to treat different diseases such as epilepsy, heart-related problems, kidney stones, and leprosy. It is antispasmodic, laxative, and sedative in nature. It is good for strengthening the brain cells and can be used to treat memory loss and epilepsy. 


Also known as Passiflora, passion flowers have been used over the years for treating epilepsy. It is used in different parts of the world including South America and Europe to treat sleeping problems, anxiety, and seizure. It is said that it enhances GABA activity in the brain, a neurotransmitter that prevents impulses between nerve cells in the brain. A low level of GABA can cause seizures or anxiety disorder. Hence, taking passion flowers as capsules or powder can promote GABA activity in the brains which can help manage seizures. 


This perennial flowering plant is native to Europe and Asia and its usage dates back to at least a thousand years. For centuries, it has been used in controlling epilepsy and many such as  Fabio Colonna in 1592 claimed that powdered valerian root cured his epilepsy. It is said that valerian contains anticonvulsant properties which are effective in treating epilepsy


This is also another ancient medicinal herb with a lot of benefits. It has been used for thousands of years to reduce stress and anxiety, fight depression, boost fertility and treat epilepsy. It is claimed to be of great benefit for alcohol withdrawal seizures and is presently used together with AED in Indian medical practices. 

Kampo medicine

This is another herbal remedy used in traditional Japanese and Chinese. It has over the years been used in treating various illnesses including epilepsy. Some studies have shown that it can help in controlling seizures and improving cognitive abilities in patients. 

It is important to note that it will be better to talk to your physician before taking any herbal supplements. These herbs sometimes tend to interact with other prescribed medications. Plus, not all-natural herbal treatments can be used in treating epilepsy and some are not even safe for use. Hence, changes in treatment need to be discussed with the doctor.