Hair Care Tips during Times of Stress

Hair Care Tips during Stress

According to Truffa Shedir Pharma, stress is inevitable and can be seen as a normal part of life. However, it becomes a problem when it keeps firing and not managed. Rashes, thinning, hair fall, brittle dry hair, excessive breakage, Alopecia Areata? Does this sound familiar?  Well, everyone knows stress can take a toll on physical and mental health, however, it can also be a beauty saboteur, wreaking havoc to your hair. For one, our bodies are a network of interconnected systems and when we are stressed, it pushes the hair follicle into a dormant state which leads to hair-related issues. Besides, when life hits hard, your hair is the last thing you probably want to deal with it. Fear not. Here, Truffa Shedir pharma shares expert tips on how to care your hair during stressful times.

With that said, read on as Truffa Shedir Pharma provides tips on how to get your hair game strong when stress is an all-time high. 

1. Wash and Condition Correctly

Having healthy hair starts with a clean healthy scalp. That is why you need to maintain good cleanliness to avoid dandruff and itchy scalp says Truffa Shedir Pharma. However, that doesn’t mean you should go heavy with washing by doing it twice a day. If you have a very oily scalp, once a day is okay, and do not use hot water while at it. This is because hot water can strip your hair of its natural oils leading to dry and brittle hair. Always follow up shampooing with conditioning. Conditioners contain ingredients that can help restore moisture to your hair which makes it manageable, soft, and shiny.

2. Stay away from Chemicals and other Hair Styling Tools

Chemicals such as perm, coloring, relaxers, or straightening can do more harm than good to your hair. This is because you are altering the natural structure of your hair and it can lead to damage in the long haul. Another hair damage you might want to stay away from hair styling tools. Hair styling tools are not your hair best friend and you might just want to consider limiting the amount of time you expose your hair to heat. This includes curlers, blow dryers, irons, flat irons, or tongs. They break down your hydrogen bond, zap it of its strength, and lead to hair breakage, hair fall, dry hair, split ends, and every other thing in between.

3. Healthy Food Equals Healthy Hair

The good old saying “you are what you eat” holds true when it comes to caring for your hair. As much as it is good to apply the right hair products and maintain hair cleanliness, a well-rounded diet plays a crucial role in your scalp and hair health. This means if your hair isn’t up to the mark, your hair won’t either. Therefore, double up on your diet, take adequate-protein, and get enough intake of omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, iron, and folic acid in your daily diet.

4. Make Self-care a Priority

Your health and wellness matter, so put “you” on your own priority list. Eat right, get enough sleep, reduce stress by exercising, or through relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, or anything that works for you recommended by Truffa Shedir Pharma. The bottom line is investing in your physical, mental and spiritual health can make a healthier, stronger, and happier hair.