11 most important things to know before getting Invisalign


Invisalign provides the best alternative to traditional metal braces. However, getting started might not be as much fun as you expected. There are lots of changes and adjustments you will have to make during your journey with Invisalign, and if you barge right in without foreknowledge, you will easily get frustrated.

Before seeking for best, you can get your mind ready for the big deal with the following tips:

  1. The attachment you get maybe more than you expected

Invisalign has now gone past the use of only trays to treat some misalignments. Attachments like ridges (tooth-coloured) may be attached to your teeth like the brackets. These attachments will support the aligners to move the teeth faster. These attachments are also invisible. However, you may end up with more attachment than you started with.

  1. You will not wear them for less than 22 hours

Though they are removable, you cannot leave them at home to party. You must keep them intact for 22 hours if you want to achieve the target as at when due. Always, ensure you keep up and never fail to carry your Invisalign kits alongside the travel-size toothbrush.

  1. You may have an effortless weight-loss

You are only left with two hours to eat and brush after the 22 mandatory hours have been taken away. It is important to plan adequately on how to fit in your three square meals to the schedule. However, it may be challenging to take out the aligners for food during the first few days. This is because the aligners will be tight, and you may feel a little sore.

Without being able to keep up with your diet, you may lose weight. The trick to overcome this is packing as many calories as you can during the little mealtime you create. Also, add protein smoothie to your every meal.

  1. No more lipsticks

Lipsticks will commonly stain the teeth and now, your braces. Coloured lip glosses are not even okay; they pose the same risk. You can moisturise your lips with some clear lip gloss and balm but know that they can still leave some waxy substances on the surface of your aligners.

If you can’t do without the makeup, be more dramatic with your eye so that there will be lesser attention on your mouth.

  1. There will be no chance for a manicure

You will need your nails to remove the aligners, and having your manicure on will not help your treatment. The aligners will cause the nails to chip, or the nail polish will cause your aligners to stain if you want to remove before they dry.

  1. It will be awkward to kiss

Sometimes, your braces will act like a real joy killer. It can take you and your partner off the mood within seconds. People reported on the internet that they lose the motivation in their love life because of Invisalign. However, we think that that was a little too far.

The remedy is in having a significant other who is okay with the plastics in your mouth. Trying out other fun activities with your partner can also help spice up the relationship. But what if you were to spend those little Invisalign-free minutes with your partner? Well, whatever you do, do not forget that you have a 22-hour target waiting. It will be a plus if you and your partner are both correcting their misalignment using Invisalign. To save on cost, look out for Invisalign offers.

  1. Brushing will be your most frequent activity after breathing

You have to brush immediately after anything apart from when water gets into your mouth. So, if you are the kind that cannot stay a little while without putting eatables into your mouth, be prepared to brush every second!

When you eat, food particle gets to hide in some parts of the mouth, and if you do not brush before putting on your braces, they will find a suitable environment to breed bacteria. This will make you have bad breath and cause cavities.

That is not the only effect. The food particles in your teeth can also hinder your teeth from moving properly, thereby reducing your outcome and increasing the duration for your treatment. Your dentist will recommend the type of toothbrush and toothpaste that is suitable for you as it is not all that will work when using Invisalign.

  1. It is really easy for the attachments to stain

The general rule for using Invisalign is to brush after anything apart from the water gets into your mouth. If you are thinking of being careless about this, think about the people around you that believed brushing the teeth after every meal is a waste of time. Most of them got their braces stained. Any carelessness on your side will make your originally invisible braces look like there are orange corn kernel pieces stuck all over. So, you have to brush even after taking tea and coffee.

  1. Only cold water is allowed

In as much as you are allowed to drink water with your aligners, you are only allowed to have cold water or clear sparkling water. Hot tea is not allowed with the aligners on because they will cause the aligners to warp. Also, taking alcoholic and sugary drinks will cause plaques to build-up. Do not even try to sneak around with a glass of white wine. It will stain your aligners.

  1. You cannot whiten now

It may be tempting to want to whiten during the treatment so that at the end, you will have both straighter and whiter teeth to show off. This, however, cannot be possible. You cannot try teeth whitening until you are done with your Invisalign treatment.

You will have enough chances to brush your teeth to prevent your enamel from being stained with some of the coloured beverages you took during your meals.

  1. You may need refinement

The end of your treatment with the aligners may not be the end after all. If there are any stubborn teeth left, you will have to go for refinement. This refinement will require your dentist to create a new set of aligners to correct the teeth that were slightly off. This will make the duration of your treatment longer than expected.

Despite all these awaiting troubles, Invisalign is worth the stress. You will have your dream smile and confidence. Invisalign may be that gateway to a dental problem-free tomorrow. Contact us for our Invisalign offers in London now.