Ideas to Enrich Yourself Through Stock Investments

nikit shingari

Making money always sounds good for people, especially businessmen and investors. It enables us to afford what we need and want. One way or the other, our day-to-day activities prompt us to do things that will generate income for us.

A good way of generating money is via investment, particularly stock investment. Stock investment can be done for short-term and long-term periods. An investor is required to have substantial knowledge about stock investments before going into it.

The stock market is known for having diverse ways of making profits. As much as you can, you can maximize profits. However, it comes with huge risks too. The risk is high for those who wish to get rich quickly.

“Using a quick investment strategy might lead you to lose all or the majority of your portfolios (or money)”, says Nikit Shingari.

You don’t want to end up with that in the long run. That is why the expertise of investment agents is needed to give guidelines about this.

Nikit Shingari, an experienced trader in the USA, highlighted some strategies for small investors to amass profits quickly. They are:

Day Trading

As a skilled person, you can easily gain quick profits by day trading. The stock market allows you to enter and exit trading multiple times in a day when day-trading. You can transact numerous trades using a single account for all. Market movement, firm analysis are methods that will enable you to make profits with day trades.

Regardless, most investors that day trade lose. Even as they lose their funds, they keep doing day trade. At this point, it is advisable to re-strategize. Only experts can make huge amounts by day trading because of their experiences and expertise. 


The concept of this short selling is to bet on the decline of the price of some stocks.

Technically, people who sell short can borrow a stock’s shares to sell out. They later re-acquire those shares and pay back the shares they borrowed. At the point where the prices of such stocks fall during the deal, the short-sellers gain. In a situation whereby the prices rather increase, such sellers will be at a loss.

Selling-short is similar to day trade because of the aggressiveness in its technique. When the market has been up for a long time, short-sellers believe that a stock will plummet. That belief must stem from analysis and strong conviction. Some issues like placing too much value on the prices and decline in an enterprise may arise. This results in a stock depreciating in value. Loses aren’t guaranteed because stocks can keep rising in a flourishing trend. Selling short might bring profits just like in day trade. One just needs to be very careful and skilled.

Speculative and Over The Counter Stock Trading 

Most people are into famous company stocks like AAPL. AAPL has been at the forefront of stock investment. Other profit-making stocks that are not widely known by investors are also available. Bad companies usually offer their shares for cheap rates and later declare bankruptcy. The investors speculating on these stocks are given prospects of doubling their cash within the short term. This is greatly fueled by overhyped rumors which are common in this type of trading. Be careful of bad sellers who hype a stock to increase the price. These people do that to enable them to trade stocks. They also want to get their money back before the prices plummet.

Purchasing “Meme-Stocks” In The Market

Some stocks known as meme stocks were popular some years back. Stocks like; AMC Entertainment, Gamestop gave some investors amazing profits. Unfortunately, other investors lost money when they purchased these stocks. Investment in such an organization’s stock is not advisable for long-term trading. Never try to invest your funds. These stocks are only good for a fast return of investment within a short period. More analysis still needs to be done on them though.

Compound Interests On Investment

Compound interest has so much influence on getting huge returns in stock investment. Yes, you can generate gains in a short period but you can make it better by going long-term. The compound interest provides a safety net for you to acquire more profits in stock markets. 

As a starter, buying stocks for a long time minimizes your risks. Every year, the market remains unpredictable. But the ‘S&P 500 index’ hasn’t recorded any loss for the last twenty years. This is commendable, because of the volatility of short-term stocks. To get wealthy, you need to invest money in a stock for at least ten years. Investing for as long as twenty years doesn’t sound like a bad idea. The longer the years, the more prospects. For example: keeping $20,000 in the stock market with 20% interest to be earned yearly. Your net gains will be thrice your capital in twenty years provided you get profit every year. However, keeping the money in the market to compound it yearly will yield like 20% of your capital.


An average trader will find the above-written techniques ‘not quite profitable’. However, if your focus is speculative trading, you’ll probably make profits. This is possible if you are using a minimal amount of investment funds. Endeavor to acquire advice from your finance officer before embarking on stock trading. Nevertheless, you need to be consistent with your investment.