Islamic Prayer Tasbih Jewelry


    Prayer beads, also known as tasbih, have an important role in Muslim religious rituals. Traditionally, Muslim religious leaders would use prayer beads to signify specific requests of Allah. For example, if someone was wishing for a good leader, he would request a leader with a white prayer bead. Today, the beads that are used in Muslim rituals are no longer limited to these uses. They are also used as a symbol of personal expression of spirituality.

    Crystal Prayer beads come in a variety of styles and colors. Because they are still considered to be a form of Islamic art, many different kinds of tasbih beads have been created over the centuries. Muslim women wear many different styles of tasbeeh to adorn their clothing, for example.

    The tradition of wearing tasbih beads began when the followers of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) would pray in the evening. They would then comb their hair while standing and place their right hand in a silk scarf so that it is also tied to their right eye. Then they would repeat a phrase, “God is great” three times before retiring for the night. This is called tasbeeh, which means prayer or worship. The scarf was dyed a certain color and became a holy symbol representing Allah.

    Muslims Learned from their Companions that the Prayer Beads were a Sign of Blessings from Allah

    The early Muslims learned from their companions that the prayer beads were a sign of blessings from Allah. This led to many different patterns being created. This is because there were no standard sizes or shapes when it came to making tasbih. Each family would create their own style based on what their ancestors wore. So we have the very familiar turban, which is a type of scarf worn by many Muslim men; the baiji, which is a smaller version of the turban; and the jilbab, which is a long robe worn by Muslim women.

    Traditionally, women who are married will wear special tasbih clothing made from an intricate fabric called a mania. The mania is woven of silk, brocade, or velvet and is reserved for special occasions. A wedding will require a completely different set of clothing than a customary bath. For these reasons, there is no standard size or shape of tasbih beads for either men or women.

    When shopping for Islamic tasbih prayer beads you will notice there is a vast array of colors and textures available. They come in all colors of blue as well as rich reds, purples, pinks, greens, and browns. They are typically crafted from wood, but you will find them crafted from silver, copper, brass, gold, and other metals. Many of the manufacturers and designers who specialize in these products will use an aluminum or stainless steel core to prevent any chance of tarnishing. The copper core is also used because it is a more flexible material and can easily be molded into all types of beautiful designs.

    You Will Notice there is a Wide Variety of Styles Available for this Tasbih Bead

    You will notice there is a wide variety of styles available for these tasbih beads. Some of these include flat, round, teardrop, square, knot, and Arabian tasbih beads. Each of these variations is designed specifically to meet the prayer needs of those who wear them. You will also find there are beads available in a single tone, multicolor, and mixed tones. This is simply because each person has their own personal prayer needs, so a set of multicolor tasbih beads will help them focus their prayers on a single thing at a time.

    Purchasing prayer tasbih jewelry is simple. You can visit any local retailer or search online for the right type of beads to meet your needs. There are many styles available to fit any personality or fashion sense. The important thing is to make sure that the prayer tasbih jewelry you choose is made with high-quality materials and that it is a great product that is designed with your prayer in mind. Prayer is a very meaningful part of any Islamic tradition and wearing tasbih prayer beads is a simple way to share your faith with others.