The Essentials of best Bridal Jewelry!


Without any doubt, the Bridal Collection is made with great devotion by the craftsmen. It is the reason that the bridal jewelry grabs the attention of every other person due to the visual appeal. However, each and every bride dreams to rock her wedding dress. And, this can only happen when the right jewelry is worn with the right wedding dress. There are some bridal jewelry essentials that every bride should own. Here’s the list of all these items that are required to make your bridal look even more appealing and eye-catching! Make sure to add these and finalize your look accordingly.

  1. Maang Tikka

Maang tikka is one of the essentials that every bride decides to wear on her big day for adorning her head. These tikkas are available in different sizes and styles. Usually, brides with larger forehead opt for bigger maang tikkas, on the other hand, those brides with narrow forehead prefer smaller maang tikkas.

  1. Jhumkas

Earrings are something that can transform your look instantly. Also, these are one of the most worn jewelry in weddings. Brides on their big day wear different earrings. Out of them, Jhumakas are very common and they are worn by most of the traditional brides. These are something that should never be missed on, as they not only complete the bride’s look but also, give it a very appealing and catchy touch.

  1. Kangan

Here comes another essential of bridal collection and that is Kangan. Kangan is worn by most of the brides, and many people think that without Kangan, a bride can never be fully dressed. It is actually Kangan that draws all the attention on the bride’s hand, adorned with mehndi. There are different types of Kangan available, so make sure to select the one that goes well with your bridal dress.

  1. Raani Haar

Raani haar from its invention till now is the most preferred jewelry of brides. It not only gives them a royal look but enhances the overall appearance of the bridal dress. Also, raani haar is available in a long length with either single string or many strings. However, most of the brides prefer to accompany it with another necklace so it can look even more elegant and eye-catching.

  1. Nath

Without any doubt, traditional jewelry adds some extra charm to your overall bridal look. So, a Nath (nose ring) does the same thing. It makes the bride look prettier and enhances the details. But, not every woman likes to get her nose pierced, well, if you too, then don’t worry! There are many Naths available in different styles that come with a clip. You don’t have to get your nose pierced for that.

  1. Payal

Every woman loves to wear payal. Payal is a beautiful accessory that is worn on the feet. It usually comes in a pair and is worn on both ankles. However, payals are available in a variety of delicate and traditional designs and patterns. Some payals have metallic balls, and when these metallic balls rub with each other, a very melodious sound is generated that is very soothing to the ears.

  1. Finger Rings

Brides can showcase their personal style through their finger rings. Finger rings are available in a variety of different styles. So, just by selecting according to your preference, you can add a personal touch to your overall bridal appearance.

  1. Armlet

Worn a little above the elbow, armlet is also known as the baju band. It is not only worn by the brides but grooms as well. It is a piece of bridal jewelry that most of the brides love to wear, but today, it has become a wedding accessory! So, don’t forget to add this to your bridal collection.

  1. Kamarband

Kamarband is worn by the brides on their waists. They come with elaborated patterns, sometimes coins, beads, etc. This bridal accessory not only promotes grace but makes the bride look as attractive and classy as she could’ve. However, Kamarband is worn on a saree or a lehenga.

  1. Hair Wreaths

Nothing could be better than hair wreaths when it comes to the perfect bridal accessory for hair. They are available with different beautiful designs and patterns. That’s true that without hair wreaths, no bridal look can be completed!

  1. Bridal Bracelets

Bridal Collection

Bridal bracelets are made with precious metals. They are one of those essentials of bridal jewelry that can never be missed on. Bridal bracelets not only gives the bridal a traditional touch but also makes her look extremely good in no time. But, sometimes, it gets really hard to get the right bridal bracelets as we are open to so many options now. But, Eastern Rivaj Bridal Collection has the best bridal bracelets that you’ll find. The prices are reasonable too.

Now, you know the top 11 essentials of bridal jewelry. Make sure not to miss these. These 11 essentials are sure to add charm to your overall look! So, add them up and you’re all ready to flaunt your big day.