9 Best Winter Hats That Won’t Let the Heat Escape

winter hats

Winter is here, and the temperature’s dropping. Too bad your head’s still hot.. maybe due to that sweat-inducing hat you are wearing right now? Well, fret not, as we list down five of the best winter hats perfect for women who want to keep their hair in check yet keep themselves warm.

1. Winter Hat With Ponytail Hole

The Winter Hat With Ponytail Hole is a new product that has been garnering attention in the Winter Wardrobe department.

Made from high-quality Winter-grade wool, this winter hat features an innovative design allowing the wearer to wear their ponytails and tails through it.

Ponytails can be threaded through either of the two holes located on both sides of the Winter Hats With Ponytail Hole, providing warmth around one’s neck as well as allowing users to show off their unique fashion statement at the same time.

The Winter Hat With Ponytail Hole also comes with a scrappy-looking pom for decoration purposes. The Winter Hat With Ponytail Hole is currently only available in brown and black colors to match your Winter Coat or Winter Dress

2. The Bomber Hat

This type of men’s winter hat has a wide brim that can cover much of your neck region. Wear this with a sweater or turtleneck garment and you’re all set despite the frigid cold outside.

3. Beanie

A beanie is a classic winter hat that is perfect for keeping the heat in. It is made of a soft, insulating fabric and fits close to your head, helping to keep your body heat from escaping.

Beanies are classic winter hats that everyone should have in their wardrobe. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made from different materials such as wool, cotton, or acrylic. You can literally wear them with anything and they’ll still look good.

4. Trapper Hat

A trapper hat is another great option for keeping warm in the winter. It has a fur-lined brim and earflaps that can be tied down to keep the warmth in.

This type of hat is perfect for those cold days when you don’t want your ears to freeze off. It has ear flaps that can be tied down at the back of your head, or even brought up over your ears for extra warmth.

5. Watch Cap

A watch cap is perfect for keeping your head and ears warm on cold winter days. It is made of thick, insulating fabric and typically has a turtleneck-style design that helps keep the heat close to your head.

6. Ski Mask

A ski mask is a good option for people who need to face the elements when it is really cold out. This type of winter hat can cover most of your face and keeps the heat in with its thick fabric paneling.

7. Slouchy Hat

A slouchy beanie is a great choice if you want to keep your head warm during the day, but don’t want something that will be too bulky or restrictive. These hats have a looser fit and make less contact with your skin, letting some heat escape. However, they look great and are typically made from thicker fabrics for better insulation.

8. Winter Wool hat / Helmet Liner

The winter hat version of the helmet liner (which we’re also including in this list) is popularly used by soldiers during World War I & II but has since evolved into its own line of products. It’s unisex so women can use them too! And it doubles as a swim cap for all you swimmers out there.

9. The Trucker Hat

A favorite among many hipsters, trucker hats have been popular ever since the beginning of time, or at least since everyone decided to look like a trucker while sipping on their Starbucks coffee. The more ridiculous you look while wearing one of these, the better it is.