Are Podcasts a Healthy Way to Take over today’s Media Consumption Trends?


Understanding All About Media

Perhaps, media is one of such aspects of today without which an individual or a group might find sustainability and growth a significant challenge. Media is not only used for entertainment purposes as we might perceive it commonly, but media has changed the way people interact with one another and have the ability through which they can change the thoughts and perceptions of others in a particular society. Media has multiple sources and approaches which could be adapted and reflected in routine activities and practices. One would be willing to go for it only if they have the required capabilities and appropriate understanding of its nursing assignment writing service UK. Media can be used in numerous ways, inclusive of the following:

  • Communication Purposes
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Publishing Important Information
  • Negotiations on Public Level
  • Entertainment as a Commercial Practice

These are some of the common factors which can stimulate and encourage the adaptation and use of media in a particular industry or a market. However, since the introduction of Social Media, the convergence of modern media has taken new directions, and these have been opening new opportunities and accelerating success positively.

Media Then Vs. Media Now

As highlighted earlier, media has been revolutionized significantly in the past couple of years. Several factors contributing collectively have become a mere reason for this initiative. However, the root of this evolution has been traced to the emergence of modern technology. Earlier, media was divided into three categories which were print, television, and radio. The reason was the fact that people had access to these categories only, and the level of attraction was indeed extensive.

Perhaps, we can remember watching a favorite show on television and then waiting for a radio show. However, doing the same today might seem unrealistic as the industry has changed significantly. All credits can be given to modern technology, which has introduced new gadgets, and they have turned out to be effective pieces of modern media through which a wider population could be reached within seconds. Some of the key introductions which have been made after the modernisation of media can be inclusive of the following:

The introduction of these mediums has changed the way people perceived media, used it for spreading knowledge and information on a mass level, and have witnessed some key advantages, including cost-saving, extensive reach, prompt response through two-way communication, etc.

The Significance of Podcasts as Short/Long Interviews

In the fast-paced world today, you wouldn’t be willing to miss some of the latest and trending topics in the world. Yet, a busy schedule and being too much occupied could have several things compromised. Entertainment is a must for everyone to refresh from routine stress, laugh, and keep updated with the social world. We all love to watch episodes in different formats, be they interviews of classic people, some interesting shows, etc. however, watching while traveling, in a public place, etc., with concrete concentration, could be a greater challenge.

To assist effective use, Podcasts were introduced, which are short audio clips of episodes of a program, an interview, or anything which can attract the attention, interest, and desire of an individual to download and listen. Podcasts were initially introduced by Apple as a service, and today they are being provided by a range of different platforms and companies, including Amazon, Google, etc.

Simultaneously, a recent publication by Assignment Writing Services had it highlighted that a majority of the youngsters today are emphasizing downloading podcasts of their favorite online shows. The list of reasons top with the fact of interest, whereas other contributing elements can include being free-of-cost or a minimal subscription amount required and the convenience which has allowed its usage on the go, which matters the most today. Hence, we can witness every media person setting up their channels on different platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, etc., and starting podcast sessions for the audiences as their desire and attraction grow positively.

Have Podcasts been Healthy in Competition?

Although it can be analyzed that podcasts have been growing immensely, there still are some significant barriers that have restricted the success of this segment. Upon interviewing a batch of students who had been following a podcast session strictly, they concluded that it is fun to hear two people having an interesting conversation. However, it can get boring, too, if the interview is prolonged without a robust reason. There is no proper time management in podcasts, and just hearing without being able to see has been one great barrier to its attraction to a television level.

As people have easy access to their audiences, as soon as this factor was highlighted, some known personalities who had been conducting podcasts frequently changed their formats and introduced a “Video Podcast” on their YouTube channels, linking it with their other social media handles so that the experience can be revived. This proved to be an effective approach, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic Restrictions, in which on-screen podcast recordings conducted hypothetically were combined into one video, edited, and uploaded on YouTube channels for the audiences. It further benefited additionally to the channel owners with the help of YouTube monetization, and this approach was adopted and followed by other podcasters in the industry as well.

Hence, reaching a conclusive statement, it can be beneficial to state that if a podcast is being managed well, it could have the potential of reaching the desired success levels in the long term.