12 movies to see at least once in a lifetime

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Ranking the best movies is stimulating but often difficult. Because everyone’s tastes and memories are mixed with the objective importance of a film in the history of cinema. After we reveal our favorite films for families. The ones for children and the best Christmas movies. Today we make a list of 12 films to see at least once in a lifetime.

Cult movie

Let’s start our review of films to see at least once in a lifetime from a category / non-category: three films of very different genres that must never be missing in the video library of a true cinema lover.

Psycho (1960)

If you’ve never seen anything by Alfred Hitchcock, the king of noir, start with Psycho. The iconic shower scene has made school, but not only: in this thriller, there is one of the most famous twists in cinema. And Norman Bates and the Bates Motel have been reprised over the years in numerous spin-offs, remakes, and TV series.

The Shining (1970)

Based on a Stephen King novel, although quite different (and therefore never appreciated by the king of horror literature), The Shining is pure restlessness signed Stanley Kubrick, with a Jack Nicholson at the height of his splendor, in the interpretation of the writer Jack Torrance going crazy inside the scary Overlook Hotel. In 2019 came the sequel, Doctor Sleep, not up to par with the original

The Godfather (1972)

“This is advice you cannot refuse”, semi-quoting this film, an undisputed masterpiece of gangster movies. The story is that of the Corleone family and has given us unforgettable interpretations of sacred monsters such as Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. Do not miss the sequel either, for it is much more beautiful than the first.


Prepare your handkerchiefs: here are three drama films you must have seen at least once in your life.

Love and Death

A Movie that has so much meaningful story. And it is also an entertaining story. You must have watched it. It has a joke on the great personality of Sidney Applebaum.  In a scene, a boy said that one day history will remember him. This scene made the audience laugh. But in the end, it is true.  

Gran Torino (2008)

Clint Eastwood lived a second life as a director, after being a highly regarded actor and Sergio Leone’s fetish, and Gran Torino is his masterpiece. He himself plays Walt Kowalski, a war veteran of Polish origins, a widower, a Ford worker in Detroit, and, above all, a racist, who however lives in a neighborhood where there are families of Asian origin and problems with juvenile delinquency. A strong film with a poignant ending.

Science fiction

The impact of science and technology in society and on human beings is the basis of this genre, which has found its highest expression in cinema. Here are two great classics and a newer movie to see if you’re into science fiction.

Alien (1979)

One of the most important science fiction films in the history of cinema, starring Sigourney Weaver, Alien tells how the spaceship crew of the spaceship Nostromo find themselves dealing with a deadly and bloodthirsty alien creature. Forty years after its release, Ridley Scott’s masterpiece remains a very topical film and a cornerstone of horror and science fiction.

Blade Runner (1982)

Another Ridley Scott film set in a futuristic but dystopian 2019 Los Angeles (followed by the 2019 film, Blade Runner 2049 ), sees cop Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) return to work for one final mission against replicants, usually used by humans as a labor force in extra-terrestrial colonies, but in some cases rebellious and fleeing to return to Earth. The incredible and iconic finale is the result of improvisation by actor Rutger Hauer. Without a doubt a film to see at least once in a lifetime!

Ready Player One (2018)

Based on the novel Player One by Ernest Cline and directed by Steven Spielberg, it tells us about 2045 in which pollution and overpopulation have ruined the Earth. The virtual reality of OASIS is the only refuge for its inhabitants, and one day its creator James Halliday dies and announces a contest within OASIS: whoever wins it will receive his inheritance. Full of nerdy quotes, it’s already a cult of its kind.


Among the movies to see at least once in a lifetime, titles cannot be missing to make you smile. To revive a difficult day, to laugh with friends and family, here are three really tasty comedies from yesterday and today.

Junior Frankenstein (1974)

A film by Mel Brooks, from an idea by Gene Wilder, is a hilarious parody of the story of Frankenstein, full of phrases and quotes that are now cult. Doctor Frederick von Frankenstein moves to Transylvania, where he inherited a castle from his grandfather the baron. Here, accompanied by unforgettable characters such as Igor, the assistant Inga, and Frau Blucher, he will begin his experiments.

Annie and Me (1977)

If you want to learn about Woody Allen’s comedy, you can’t miss Annie and Me. The story between comedian Alvy Singer and Annie Hall is over after a year in the relationship, and he finds himself recounting the relationship to investigate why it ended. The film won four Academy Awards, including Best Actress, a delightful Diane Keaton.

La la land (2016)

Movies that brought back the classic musical typical of the fifties and sixties. La la land is a love story directed by Damien Chazelle and starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. He, a charming and penniless pianist, she, an exuberant bus.