7 Quick Steps to Attain a Spring Clean, Organized Home After Relocation!

new home relocation

Have you recently shifted to your new home in Chandigarh from Delhi, with the assistance of the expert packers and movers in Delhi? Then you must be going through a bunch of emotions currently – feeling extremely happy for moving into your new house, and also a little bit anxious, seeing the overwhelming scenario all over your new place – unopened moving cartons, piled up boxes, bits and pieces of packing materials lying here and there! What a mess. We can pretty well resonate with your present state of mind and so, we have come to you with an amazing home cleaning and organization guide, which you can follow quite comfortably and design your new home exactly the way you always wanted!

So, without getting into further discussion, let’s check out the beneficial home set-up tips mentioned below.

• Have a plan how and from where to start

Before you even think of working on your new home post the move, make sure you know how you need to do it. Without a plan, you would end up confusing yourself and nothing would be accomplished at last. So, make sure you decide things soon, almost side by side with your moving plan. This would help you to settle down in your new home without much struggle. We would recommend you to start with the most difficult sections of your home – your kitchen could be the right place because you would need the area to prepare your meals. But you are free to choose any other room depending on their usage.

• Tackle the kitchen section first, clean it

If you are going with us, and have thought to organize your kitchen area first, then fantastic! You need nothing, but simply a good pace and a great set-up strategy. If you want, you can have someone from your family on board, so you can establish the area quickly. As everything would already be clean, all you need to do is wipe the counter surface with a neat cloth before you put out your kitchen items or re-arrange the already kept ones. Have a surface cleaning spray so you can sprinkle it over the appliances – the stove, oven, etc. before setting them up.

• The refrigerator, chimney, and oven next

If your refrigerator has yet not been put to power, do that soon so you can start operating it. You will gradually have items to put within, so the early you get your refrigerator up and running, the better it is. If you have already cleaned it before the move, you simply need to plug the socket and turn on the power, but if not, make sure you sponge the insides using a dilute cleaner to get rid of any unwanted smell or grime and prepare it for usage. The chimney and microwave oven must also be dabbed from the outside with a clean cloth before you reinstate them in their ideal positions.

• Quick clean-up of an air conditioner is a must

If you have moved in the summer months, you cannot skip doing this. You must change the air filters as soon as you reach your new home because you will need your air conditioner up and running! Also, you should make sure to clean up all the ventilation channels in your new place if you have them. The reason why we are asking you to clean up or service your AC is that it is yet not set up in your new home, so why not clean it thoroughly before you make it functional. Keeping the mid-air clean and fresh is a key element to have a happy moving experience.

• Washroom, washing area should be cleaned

Some people set up their washrooms first because of obvious reasons, you can do it too. So, once you have put out all your toiletries and cleaning supplies, you should see if your washroom needs a clean-up. Though it is not necessary to have all of this done in the first few days. You can take your time and manage things at your ease. See if the curtains are hanged, taps, switches, and walls are clean. Along with that, you can wash every element that is possibly there and needs to be spring cleaned like the bathtub, toilet, the floor, and the showerheads – because there are the areas that accumulate the most dirt and filth over time. So, if you haven’t done that already, do it immediately.

• Move to the other rooms and expanses

Now when most of the complicated areas have been tackled, it is time to go slow a bit. Now it is time for you to have a look at your new home, in totality – all the major rooms – living room, bedroom, study, etc. along with the basement, storage, and terrace space. The balcony, open nursery, lawn, etc. should also make a count. You will have to include everything that you will be required to do in here – the cupboard, cabinets, and furniture organization after you have cleaned up the dirt and dust that is possibly there.

• Do not forget the floorings, wash them last

You can start with any of your rooms or spaces you like. Clean up the carpeting and floors of your living room first, because that is what bears the tough stains and dirt because of its high usage – all the moving cartons were dropped into this place and people are coming over to your place from this very space, so it needs to be cleaned up before any other room. You can even hire cleaning service professionals for the final cleaning session because, after all this cleaning and organizing, you would be drained of your energies.


No matter when you move into your new house, you do not feel your space to be your home until it appears like one. Some people rely on moving professionals – the movers and packers in Delhi, while some keep figuring out the best ways to do a deep clean and rearrangement of their new home so everything looks fresh and nice. This blog post was all about that, and we hope you like it!