Top Ways To Support The Kids Learn English Language


Does learning the English language provide any benefits to kids? Definitely Yes! It develops better communication skills, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking skills. 

This makes it important to support the children to learn the language effectively. Wondering how to teach them? This might be a challenging task as each kid understands differently at a different pace. But helping them build confidence in writing and speaking using the English language can be highly rewarding. 

So, what can be the best solution other than signing up for the online English class for your kids? Tutors are well-experienced to teach the language according to the child’s preferred learning style. Additionally, we are also here with this blog, covering all the tips to support your kids in effectively learning English. 

Tips To Help Your Children Learn The English Language

Ask Kids To Write A Diary In English

  • Writing from a very young age benefits kids as it increases their expertise in the English language. It encourages them to communicate their thoughts in words. The more they will excellently get familiar with the grammar and correct use of vocabulary, the better their fluency in the language will become. 
  • Additionally, the other best way is enrolling in an online English class where tutors help them write with good usage of grammar and vocabulary.

Prefer Topics That Interest Your Kids

  • One of the best ways to make learning a language interesting is simply picking the topics that they have the most interest in. When children are asked to express their ideas on the topics they like the most in English, it develops dedication toward learning the language. 
  • Also, it perfectly prepares them with confidence to use the English language in their daily interactions. Wondering what steps to take? The best approach is to ask your kids to write on the topics they enjoy putting their thoughts on. Let’s take an example. They can prefer writing about family members, their favorite cartoon character, the personality they value the most, etc.
  • Consequently, it will add more fun to your kid’s learning. 

Make Use Of Playful Games

  • Kids learn easily and quickly through play. Many times, they do not realize they are learning while enjoying the games. 
  • When it is about games, make sure they are well-designed for teaching English grammar and vocabulary only. Go for the relay games where kids have to pick a paper with a word in it and then identify the picture of the word they have. 
  • Another best example is showing them the pictures and asking them to correctly write down what that particular image is illustrating. In addition, you can also do some actions by yourself and ask your little ones to write down what it is all about. 
  • The other way is opting for online tuition in Singapore where tutors assure the learning of the kids is much more entertaining with sincerity. They make use of visuals that boost the interest as kids understand well seeing the pictures more than listening.

Go For Group Time

When it is an online English class, allowing the kids to learn together helps in retaining the information quickly and for a long time. Good cooperation improves communication skills and critical skills, developing effective writing skills in children.

Group time makes the lessons more enjoyable. So, learn how to keep it productive for the kids: 

  • Keep it brief: A group time of about 5 minutes is enough to keep kids focused to learn the English language. As the time runs out, get back to the session and discuss all the main takeaways and answer any queries they might have. 
  • Set roles: Assign each kid a role in the group. They will get prepared to act when the group work starts. As a result, they will be able to concentrate easier.
  • Give sentence starters: Moving directly into a group conversation with other fellow mates can sometimes be uncomfortable or intimidating. So, when learning the language, provide sentence starters related to any topic. This will give children a great jump-off point to begin the discussion in the right manner. 

Make Speaking Activities Funny

  • Let your kids learn the English language by just encouraging them with light-hearted and funny speaking activities. To help them use correct phrases and precise words in the sentence, ensure all the strategies are engaging. Be creative to ensure entertaining learning.  
  • For instance, speak the words in different styles like with a happy face, singing, with a sad face, or acting sleepy. Ask the kids to repeat in the same manner. They will enjoy doing it over and over again while liking those funny gestures. 
  • Mostly young kids learn the language easily when their learning is incorporated with the creative things they enjoy or like the most. So, just find what your kid likes for having fun such as reading books aloud, singing, role-playing, etc. Try doing all these activities in English and ease their learning. 

Include A Daily Reading Of Habit

  • One of the easiest ways to begin learning the English language is through daily reading habits. So, the best is to buy the kids’ favorite books or ask them to read the audiobooks available online. The books can be related to motivational stories and fictional characters with great inspirations and lessons. 
  • Ask them to read those books daily. When the kids will read them daily, they will have a clear idea about the sentence formations, and words with their synonyms. 
  • Moreover, if your children like to get updates on regular current affairs and news, make sure there are magazines and newspapers on their desks. Sit with them and guide them to read every piece of information properly, making sure they are reading and pronouncing every word correctly. 
  • Besides this, you can go for bedtime stories too, helping with good language skills. Every page with colored visuals, simple sentences, and repetitive words will build a good vocabulary. 

Encourage Your Kids To Communicate In English At Home

  • When spending time at home, there is a lot of conversation between you and your kids. This is a great opportunity to utilize this time, supporting them to improve their language skills. 
  • First, start instructing the children in the English language only and also ask them to respond in the same language. A conversation using simple sentences in English can build confidence to communicate well. 

Give Some Break In Between

  • A little break from the studies is very necessary to motivate the kids. It is the best practice to prevent the children from zoning out of their learning.
  • Be it online English classes or home tuition, it is important to give a break to the kids. Sitting in the same place and position for a long time can cause tiredness, due to which children can find the class uninterested.
  • To make the session interesting, allow them some time to move or talk to each other. As a result, it freshens up their mind and enhances their motivation to learn efficiently. 

Summing Up

Children pick up everything quickly, so it is important to help them learn English grammar, spelling, and vocabulary regularly. Constant hearing of the words and learning to make their use appropriately leads to good English language skills. 

So, make sure to follow all the tips mentioned above like diary writing, playing games while learning, and many more. When you provide a great environment for your kids, it eventually enhances their confidence in learning the language.