Certified MS Project Management


In the past project management has been defined in an academic way: all about the sequence and organization of time progressive step-by-step practice, methodical organization of rhetoric, and mix-Ability of assorted project team across multiple functions and your process as a whole. As outlined on a good certified project management course and training.

Over the last years, I’ve found the phrase “management” to more often does not fit that precise.  It, as it said, is the process and approach of delivering and negotiating outcomes and tasks inside a clearly established structure, following defined and understood dimensions and ideologies.  It is one of the most difficult disciplines and also the most important.

It is not dissimilar from any other discipline so far.  Management is a set of skills, abilities, and attributes that is required. You can only get these only through training, one of the most important elements in your overall system.

Management is just a fancy de dubbed way of saying day-to-day activity and functioning. It is an approach to bring together.

To manage is to:  manage a group of objects and activities that makes projects successful.  It might also be expected to “lead” a team from where you expect participants to be.

I remember a job recently with a company saying: “We are investing in MS Project reference very heavily and training staff on it.  We did it because the MS project was so simple to learn and use.”  This customer is not among IT specialists, but I am trained and used MS project in my construction director job and was able to relate to him perfectly.  It is very likely that they chose to use the MS project because it offers a workable solution for almost all after management tasks and has all the necessary tools and facilities inbuilt in.

At the outset, I appreciated that MS project software with reference very heavily only gets used in larger organizations and companies with dedicated resources and support.  It is not the perfect way for the smaller business or department.  However, this is not a hard and fast rule for management; it depends on the organization structure and in what way the management or the project team needs to be organized.  I adopted MS project software and cannot regret it, as it brought a refreshing, although non the less obvious aspects of approach and management of my projects.

Management needs to be precisely identified according to these organizational variables.